Landmarks and other places to visit in San Francisco when exhibiting


Tourists and residents alike proclaim that San Francisco is one of the most unique places in the United States. It is located on a small slither of land with the Pacific Ocean on one side and a harbor on the other side.

A 1,000-acre park and a beautiful red colored bridge are two of the things that most people imagine when the city of San Francisco is mentioned. It is also a place where both contemporary and cultural art is very popular. Although these are some of the main reasons that people love the city, there are other wonderful San Francisco points of interests. The following are the top places to visit in San Francisco California.

Top Places to Visit in San Francisco, CA

Alcatraz Island

This is a very unique and mesmerizing location to visit. If this is one of your chosen spots to visit, make sure that you make plans before embarking on this little adventure. There are numerous boats that cruise by the island, but if you actually want to dock on the island, you have to make arrangements with Alcatraz Cruises.


There is so much to do at Pier 39 such as taking in the breathtaking views, visiting the sea lions, tasting chowder bread bowls and sipping on local California wines. This is why Pier 39 is one of the top San Francisco points of interest.

There are two levels of shopping, dining, entertainment, and attractions, and they all offer city or bay views. Pier 39 is situated on the waterfront, which means that it has very picturesque views of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. It also has beautiful views of the city skyline, Angel Island and Alcatraz Island.

Pier 39 is also the home of the Aquarium of the Bay, which has amazing views of San Francisco’s marine life. This is one of the top places to visit in San Francisco CA, and it is easy to find. It is located on Fisherman’s Wharf, at Beach Street and The Embarcadero. Parking for Pier 39 can be found directly across from the Entrance Plaza.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is another top tourist attraction in San Francisco. It starts at Pier 39 and goes all the way to Municipal Pier, which is at the end of Aquatic Park. For more than a century, Fisherman’s Wharf has been a top waterfront destination for the fishing fleet. These days, it has some of the best seafood restaurants that San Francisco has to offer. In addition, there are historical buildings, museums, bay views, sea lion attractions and museums at Fisherman’s Wharf.

California Academy of Sciences

At this location, you will see a natural history museum, planetarium, and aquarium. It also has the world-class education and research programs. The building has plenty of everyday life to see such as live penguins in African Hall, blooming wildflowers on the roof, a coral reef ecosystem and a living rainforest.

The California Academy of Sciences is one of many San Francisco points of interests with plenty of things to see and do. Visit a planetarium show that transports visitors through space and time. Or enjoy one of many daily activities such as feeding the penguins or diving in coral reefs. There is something interesting to do for all ages to experience.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937 is a modern marvel that many people said couldn’t be built. Its construction experienced problems with rocks, tides, fog, and wind. It spans 1.7 miles from the Marin headlands to the city of San Francisco.

This beautiful orange colored bridge is one of the top San Francisco points of interest. As a matter of fact, it is the city’s most iconic landmark. It accommodates bicycle, pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Transamerica Pyramid

The Transamerica Pyramid, which was completed in 1972 is 853 feet tall. It is the tallest building of the San Francisco skyline. The building’s architect, William L. Pereira says that the Transamerica Pyramid is the perfect shape for a skyscraper because it lets more air and light get down to the streets below.

Alamo Square

Alamo Square is a park and square in a residential section of San Francisco. It is the home to the famous Painted Ladies row of Victorian houses, which are on Steiner Street. These houses have graced many San Francisco postcards because of their architectural design and beauty. In addition to these homes, there are neighboring Victorian homes in the park as well.

The park has other amenities as well. It has a tennis court and a playground that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. When the weather is clear, you can see the tops of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid from Alamo Park.

The Cable Car Museum

This museum is located on Nob Hill, and it is above the large engines and wheels that pull the cables for San Francisco’s trams. It also has 3 antique cars from the 1870s, historical displays, photos, and a gift shop.


This section of the city was established in the 1840s. It is believed to be the biggest Chinese neighborhood outside of Asia. The people who settled this neighborhood were either immigrant workers or merchants that worked on the transcontinental railroad or mines during the Gold Rush. Chinatown flows along Grant Avenue, from Bush to Broadway.

San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

This amazing zoo has 1,000 animals with over 250 species. It spans 100 acres along the Pacific Ocean waterfront. It helps visitors appreciate wildlife and nature. San Francisco Zoo and Gardens also offers educational programs, exciting rides, animal handler talks, and different activities for all children.