San Francisco Restaurants and places to eat


In San Francisco, the ratio is at least one restaurant to every 250 people. This per capita ratio is higher than any other city in North America. Not only do San Francisco restaurants serve mouthwatering steaks, they also have a bountiful selection of vegetarian dishes.

As a matter of fact, you’ll find a delicious treat from just every culture. Middle Eastern and Greek foods are available in the Financial and Sunset districts. In addition, Chinatown restaurants serve plenty of Americanized Cantonese dishes. Also, Richmond is known for the best sushi in San Francisco. Exactly, where to eat in San Francisco CA?

Visit the following restaurants for the best foods in town.

Atwater Tavern

This particular restaurant’s menu is based upon seasonal selections and sustainability. It has American foods such as seared calamari, 100% grass-fed tri-tip and cioppino. This is a great place to take a date or to visit as a tourist. Atwater Tavern’s patio is perfect for celebrating special occasions or enjoying an average happy hour with co-workers or friends.


Enjoy a great pizza and pasta dining experience at Contrada. It is the newest restaurant in the Cow Hollow section of San Francisco. The chef is Jason Tuley, and he cooks up specialties such as squid ink bucatini with Dungeness crab, Neapolitan pizzas and wild boar rigatoni. Wash these favorites down with a great selection of wines from California and Italy.


This is one of the best San Francisco restaurants because it is known for its awesome hamburgers. If you are a part of the brunch crowd, don’t forget to order the custard French toast. It is to die for!

Salt and Straw

This wonderful ice cream shop is located in Hayes Valley on Fillmore street. It serves a menu of flavors that were made just for the San Francisco area. In addition, a portion of this restaurant’s profits goes to aid local schools. The shop also incorporates its famous Portland flavors as well.

The Riddler

Another popular Hayes Valley restaurant is The Riddler. It serves extravagant favorites such as caviar and champagne, but it also specializes in tater tot waffles with prosciutto. It is owned and managed by an amazing crew of females who really know how to keep their restaurant customers happy. Shannon Waters, Jen Payne, and Marissa Payne take pride in making sure that this European Champagne bar is elegant, cozy and adored. The Riddler is a trendy hotspot that you’ll love.


This is a small family owned restaurant that serves some of the best Mexican food in San Francisco. It has an ever-changing $157 tasting menu that offers 12 to 16 courses. But be forewarned that since Californios received a Michelin star, it has been almost impossible to get reservations.


Flores is a restaurant that was created by the crew that opened Uno Dos Tacos. Executive chef Alejandro serves Mexican food with a fresh viewpoint. The featured menu item is fresh tortillas, which can be enjoyed with duck confit enchiladas, mole negro poblano, and pork shoulder carnitas. The restaurant has beautiful and festive murals that add to the dining experience. Sit back, enjoy the food and drink some of the best selections of wine, beer and cocktails that the city has to offer.


Delfina’s signature dish is spaghetti with plum tomatoes, extra-virgin oil, garlic, and pepperoncini. You might think that $15 is too high of a price to pay for an average spaghetti dinner. But this signature dish is no ordinary spaghetti plate. Besides, it hasn’t been on the menu for the past 16 years for nothing!


Known for its Mediterranean menu with a Parisian flair, this San Francisco bistro also serves healthy and fresh foods that have Tunisian, Turkish and Spanish influences. The menu revolves around a lot of small plates of food such as lamb meatballs, chicken croquettes, and grilled duck kefta. There are also delicious vegetarian choices such as fire-roasted eggplant, shakshuka and chickpea falafel.

Liholiho Yacht Club

Not many people know this, but when you say, “California cuisine,” you’re talking about the kind of food that is served at Liholiho Yacht Club. This is very interesting considering that chef Ravi Kapur cooks with a Hawaiian flair. Sounds strange? You’ll understand once you taste the food.