Save Money On Shipping And Handling Costs With Lighter Trade Show Exhibits Materials

Save Money On Shipping And Handling Costs With Lighter Trade Show Exhibits Materials Banner

While trade shows offer a myriad of benefits for companies, including marketing/promotion, professional networking and educational opportunities among others, they can often be an expensive investment as well. One of the largest outlays that you will need to make when you are exhibiting at a trade show is the cost of shipping, transport and set up of your trade show exhibits.


Shipping, drayage and set up costs can be some of the most significant expenditures for a trade show and it therefore makes sense to place some scrutiny on these costs in order to reduce them as much as possible and therefore improve your trade show ROI. To do this, it is useful to invest in trade show exhibits which are made out of lightweight materials such as tension fabric and lightweight metals like aluminum.


Investing in a portable display will provide even further weight improvements as well as the ability to increase the number of places that you can exhibit. With a portable display you are no longer necessarily tied down to the trade show floor and can experiment with exhibits outdoors at public events and more.


If you have professional help setting up your trade show exhibits, which is often recommended. You should also look into making sure that you purchase trade show exhibits which are easy and simple to set up. The longer and more involved the setup and teardown process, the more that you will pay for these services. Of course, the portable display that you own will go a long way to helping you save money, time and hassle here as well.


A few other means of cutting down on weight include minimizing paper materials that can be very heavy and often end up in the landfill within a matter of hours anyway. Replace these with lightweight displays such as iPad kiosks and other ways of conveying information including the use of QR codes for attendees to scan with their smartphones.


You can also save money by going local as much as possible. If you have to ship cross country or even internationally, you could cost yourself a fortune. Get it made nearby, however, and even the less portable display will be cost-effective.

Keep these tips in mind next time you are shopping for trade show exhibits or planning for your next show. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Blazer Exhibits & Events.

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