See Kicking Custom Trade Show Displays at the Martial Arts Supershow!

See Kicking Custom Trade Show Displays at the Martial Arts Supershow! Banner

Martial Arts has been around for millennia. It is an art form, a discipline, and a vital skill needed for defending others and ourselves. There are countless forms of martial arts, and much more are still being developed and refined as the year’s pass.

For Martial Arts students and enthusiasts, an annual convention presenting developments, trends, and influencers in the field is one of the biggest events they can ever look forward to. The custom trade show displays at the upcoming Martial Arts SuperShow on July 6 to 8 promises to be breathtaking and spectacular.

The venue is none other than the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada!

What to Expect from a Martial Arts Event

The Martial Arts SuperShow is the trade show for martial arts trainers and educators. Martial artists and instructors come from all over the world to attend this prestigious event. It provides opportunities for attendees to grow their practice and experience the best in martial arts instruction. It is also a great place to network within the industry.

Speakers will discuss topics of interest for owners and instructors like how to plan on growing their business, creating an experience designed to excite students, and how to create systems geared for results. This will be a great chance for instructors and practitioners to broaden their product offerings, as well as to evaluate their niche and processes.

Industry practitioners will be able to mingle and get to know the big names in the industry. One of the most respected names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Rickson Gracie, will have his own three-hour event. There will be an Instructor College, as well as a University of Diverse Defense. Attendees will be able to get a good idea of whether these new techniques have a place in their curriculum. A Kali/FMA Cultural Expo is also included in the program. The Filipino art of stick fighting will have an exhibit which is expected to showcase one of the best and fastest growing martial arts form.

Martial arts practitioners, trainers, gym owners and instructors understand that there has been a surge in interest in the martial arts. There have also been all kinds of schools and martial arts forms being taught today. The popularity of mixed martial arts has also created a need for practitioners to study not only a core martial arts style but also others which can help round out their fighting skills and repertoire. The Martial Arts SuperShow brings all the skills to the trainer in order for them to teach more students who are interested in the sport and practice of martial arts.

The event will not be complete without booths and displays. If you’re keen on getting noticed in such a well-attended convention, call on the services of Blazer Exhibits. They specialize in mounting and creating the most creative trade show displays Las Vegas. They can work with you to make your booth concept and designs become a reality! Visit them Blazer Exhibits to get a quote today!

(image credit: Martial Arts Supershow)

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