Selecting booth space for your show pt.2

Continuing on from the first post “Selecting your booth space for your show” we covered some of the fundamentals of the discovery process involved with these decisions (click here to read part 1). Understanding the big picture and your place at the shows you decide to attend. Is that everything? No, you need to know something about traffic flow in the show. lets continue about your choices for your trade show booth space on the show floor.


Traffic Flow

Ideally, you would have visited the show first and watched how the traffic flowed. Many studies have actually been done on this. You may also know companies that have been to that show and ask what they know of the events traffic.

Traffic in many shows tends to flow from center to right and then disperse. It also tends to gravitate to larger more unique exhibits and that goes to human curiosity. What makes exhibits / stands work is another discussion for another time. Show management tends to help you here, laying out the floor plan with groupings of large exhibits and also dispersing them among seas of smaller exhibits to help drive traffic throughout the hall.

Location, Location, Location

Your real estate friend was correct, location, location, location. There is more to consider.

Are there known exhibitors in the show who will draw attendees? Are they potentially a firm that may augment your offering? Getting close to these companies may help how many bodies you can drive to your space, but what you need and desire is qualified attendees.

Now that you have taken all this into consideration, look at your floor plan and identify three to four spaces that will allow you to stand out yet be within reach of your competitors, that have good traffic flow and in the prime areas towards the front of your hall.  Why to the front?  The human factors. People have limited attention span and tire out when walking distances and gathering information.

Final Thoughts

Taking all these factors into account and being prepared to choose the best available space for your first show will have a large impact on your visibility and overall success at your first trade show. Taking the steps from discovery to location will without a doubt, put you on the path to a successful event!