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Semicon West features best Electronics, Electrical and Industrials Good as part of the great San Francisco, CA exhibits 

Staging big trade show booth displays are no simple feat; it requires tenacity, tensile strength and even industrial equipment that will surpass your normal need of things. And that is what the SEMICON West is all about in the three-day event that will be showcased from 11th of July up to the 13th of July 2017.

The event attracts numerous companies coming from the communication technology industry, computer and communication engineering sector, hi-tech products and industrial accessories ranging from installation to control, light and lamps, even storage and enclosures. Featuring in this exposition are several new technologies which will break the barriers in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

In previous years, SEMICON West featured over 180 total hours of programs, including technical demos, application queries, business model presentations as well as an extensive roster of exclusive programs throughout each day. The activity center will be fully packed and is expected to utilize a central “meeting place” to drive the future of the semiconductor market.

Some of the latest inputs from technology visionaries include exciting sessions focusing on significant trends shaping market developments and innovation on semiconductor technology. Strategies on interconnect Technology gears prospective business partners and manufacturer to sustain the set of flexible hybrid electronics with cost and productivity.

Few of the most groundbreaking noteworthy speakers in previous years include Subashish Mitra, associate professor at Stanford University, and Jo De Boeck, senior VP and CTO of Imec. Doug Davis of Intel also provided an inspiring keynote speech a couple of years back.

Semiconductor research also has continuously opened new cutting-edge technologies that are considered breakthroughs in manipulating the physical properties of semiconductors and their application in many different industries and product usage. Alloy thin layer addition, wavelength stabilization, surface nanostructuring, and even impact of temperature and dislocation density are some of the topics the conference had presented.

Market trends briefing, future electronics manufacturing trends, and industry best practices are just some of the active topics which will be noticeable in this year’s event. Companies from around the nation and from different countries predicted that during this event, there will be a growing demand for semiconductor and component test systems as well as mechatronics systems. Current changes in the semiconductor and electronics industry relate to the innovation of digital consumer products. Demands for faster semiconductors and electronics that are smaller in size, incorporate more functions and require less power.

The development of Semicon’s had come a long way. Some companies who had joined the San Francisco, CA exhibits can also interact with the manufacturers, suppliers, and even consumers. Principally, there are also talks during the exhibition. Researchers and technology specialist must head to the SEMICON West exhibit to get in touch with colleagues in the digital technology arena, and learn more about the booming industry-standard semiconductor growth, feel free to visit the website of Blazer Exhibits & Events for more information and resources in the upcoming weeks.

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