Set Up Smashing Custom Trade Show Booths at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas

Set Up Smashing Custom Trade Show Booths at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas Banner

The beauty and cosmetics industry is adapting to a myriad of technological advances and developments. Every year, there are more cutting-edge tools and gadgets being invented and perfected to make people more beautiful, attractive, and younger-looking.

One of the best places to find out what’s hot in the industry is to visit a good number of custom trade show booths at the annual Aesthetic Show. The event will take place from July 6 to 9, 2017 at the luxurious Wynn, Las Vegas.

Focusing on aesthetic medicine, The Aesthetics Show is a unique gathering which showcases the latest in products, technologies, procedures, and techniques.

The talks are all about progressive things which are relevant to the contemporary practice of aesthetic medicine. During the show, there will be general discussion sessions, presentations and live demos, and breakout educational workshops. The discussion topics range from general topics on managing patient expectations, patient care, aesthetic medicine for men, handling millennials, women’s health and new technology solutions, regenerative aesthetics, body contouring, non-invasive fat destruction, body sculpting, body shaping, body part augmentation, ethnic diversity, lasers and ultrasound technology, facelifts, tattoo removal, neck rejuvenation, hair growth, hydration, rejuvenation and regeneration, and others.

Courses to Be Excited About at the Aesthetic Show 2017:

  • Advanced Injectable Applications and Techniques Course
  • Advanced Techniques for Practice Success Course
  • Panel discussions include:
  • Practical Evaluation of the Newest Devices and Techniques
  • Critical Evaluation of New Technologies: How do You Choose?
  • Determining the Product Lines that Your Patients Need
  • Devices that Really Deliver on Promises
  • Managing Patients with Extreme Expectations
  • Where Do New Technologies Fit in Your Practice?
  • What Treatments Do You Use for Challenging Skin Conditions?
  • Are New Technologies Safe and Effective?
  • Learning from Real World Success Examples
  • Off-Label Techniques You Need to Know

The Latest and Most Modern Technology

Some of the leading and the best aesthetic medicine practitioners and consultants will be at The Aesthetic Show. The Body Shaping sessions will present a comprehensive review of the latest techniques and procedures for body shaping. The sessions on Energy-Based Anti-Aging Skin Treatments will discuss energy-based treatments for resurfacing skin and anti-aging. The Emerging Procedures and Technologies sessions will provide a comprehensive review of technologies and procedures newly introduced to the aesthetic industry.

The Next-Generation Anti-Aging Skincare session will offer insightful views into categories of products and ingredients commonly available and used in skin care formulations and in the cosmetic industry.

Las Vegas Exhibit Rentals for a No-Fuss Experience

If you want to participate in trade shows, conventions or exhibits such as these, you must be creative in setting up your own booth. You can try getting Las Vegas exhibit rentals from reputable companies such as Blazer Exhibits. They have years of experience and have worked for some of the largest companies and service providers around the convention and trade show circuit.

You can get in touch with us by calling 508-63-7000. We will help you take advantage of the exposure and mileage from participating in well-attended and highly publicized shows and events.

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