Sewing Exhibition Designed To Keep Creative Sewing Design Alive

Sewing Exhibition Designed To Keep Creative Sewing Design Alive Banner

Sewing is an art form that has certainly left the mainstream, but as the upcoming American Sewing Expo hopes to demonstrate, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t oodles of people out there who are still very much passionate about creative sewing as an art form and a hobby (if not a means of making a living).


The American Sewing Expo which opens on Friday, September 27 in Novi, Michigan will feature over 200 hands-on workshops, demonstrations and classes which are designed to allow master sewing enthusiasts to pass on their knowledge to a new generation of excited sewers, tailors, seamstresses and embroiderers.


The exhibition design on display will understandably reflect the traditional culture around this art form and will likely be low-key with an emphasis on displaying the artwork: fabrics, embrodiery, accessories, clothing and more. Trade show exhibits will be operated by businesses as well as organizations and individuals who are passionate about making sewing art, including quilters and those who specialize in needle arts for home decorating and clothing.


This year the American Sewing Expo is celebrating its 20th anniversary and will be giving away a sewing machine to the first 100 show attendees. This is sure to get sewing enthusiasts out of bed bright and early. In addition to this giveaway, a complimentary gift bag will be given to the first 100 show attendees each day.


Trade show exhibits will feature demonstrations by sewing celebrities, such as Lynda Maynard from the popular TV show, “It’s Sew Easy TV”. Other famous sewing personalities in attendance include Angela Wolf and Gretchen Hirsch.


There will also be exhibition design and performances that are inspired by the new trend in competitive sewing, including a live sewing competition which will feature contestants competing in a 75-minute challenge to create a fashion accessory, craft or piece of home decor.


For more information about The American Sewing Expo, visit the website at or call (245) 889-3111.

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