SHOT Show 2021 Las Vegas Nevada January 19 – 22, 2021

The SHOT show is on! How new safety measures will benefit vendors, and how you can still attend

UPDATE: Since this post was made earlier last week, SHOT Show just announced it will cancel its 2021 Las Vegas trade show due to rising COVID-19 numbers. Though the event is on hiatus for another year – the safety and protocols that the venues are implementing are still happening.

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The 43rd Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show is on target to continue as planned. Next year’s event will take place January 19 – 22, 2021 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, with expansion into the new Caesars Forum and adding more exhibit space and an opportunity for more companies to showcase their products to industry buyers.

The annual event featuring exhibitors, buyers, media, and other industry professionals from all 50 states and more than 100 countries is highly anticipated for showcasing the latest outdoor technology and innovation for the upcoming season. Attendee Registration to Open Next Week, Exhibitor Registration Opens Oct. 26.

With the current COVID situation globally and within the United States the state of Nevada and all of the associated hotels and event establishments are taking enormous efforts to make the 2021 SHOT show as safe as it possibly can.

Safety measures that will benefit vendors

Streamlined Traffic Flow

Traffic flow this year will be much different than in the past. Floorplans will follow the current protocols which include one-way isles, distancing markers, and the removal of large congregation areas. Traffic will also be regulated per area to avoid overcrowding. These steps will ensure that the show will be safe for both vendors and attendees.

Attendees can spend more time in the floorspace

These traffic measures will allow attendees to spend more quality time in each booth’s floorplan and avoid overcrowding. One-on-one interactions should increase which should increase lead potential. This is a massive bonus for ROI and sales opportunities globally.

Increases time for one-on-one prospect and client engagement

The limited traffic should also work in vendors’ favor by making each booth space more visible. The extended time and space attendees will have in front of each floorspace should increase messaging potential. That extended time attendees have to scan each booth’s outer branding and graphic content. This extends the typical 2 seconds of engagement to a much longer time. This should allow for improved engagement from a marketing perspective to draw interested parties into your event space.

SHOT Show Meeting Rooms — Breathe Easy

The ability to meet privately, away from the show floor and interruptions in your booths, is critical to getting business done during SHOT Show. Recently, the executive team from the Sands Expo Center hosted a tour of the meeting rooms, show halls, and floor with Nevada’s leaders to discuss the steps they’re taking to ensure events such as SHOT Show can take place safely and on schedule.

New HVAC and safety standards

The highlight of the improved meeting room infrastructure, one that is also part and parcel of improvements to all the Sands halls and show floors, include a newly enhanced HVAC system designed to meet or exceed current health and safety standards. The system:

  • Is capable of controlling the circulation of up to 100 percent of outside air and exhaust.
  • Performs rapid exchange of outside air and inside exhaust, every 15 minutes on the show floor, and more than twice that rate in more confined areas such as meeting rooms.
  • Contains state-of-the-art MERV-8 (pre-filter) and MERV-15 system filters, with the addition of HEPA filters in designated areas. System coils are cleaned and sanitized at every filter change cycle.

“We want everyone who attends SHOT Show and enters all the Sands’ meeting room spaces and exhibit halls to understand that they may absolutely be able to do so without compromising best health and safety practices. These improvements underscore the dedication the Sands and the Venetian/Palazzo complex have to not just hosting SHOT Show, but making it the success it’s destined to be.” — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

You can get all the details, including hotel discounts HERE so you can attend with confidence.

At 730,000 Square Feet, 2021 Will Be Largest SHOT Show in its history

The previous SHOT show attendance record was in 2008 at over 714,00 square feet. 2021 SHOT show will increase an additional 16,000 net square feet making it the largest in the show’s history. The additional floor space and meeting rooms increase all opportunities for vendors to expand their booth sizes and meeting rooms to accommodate the expected traffic. You can get the latest in-depth information on the 2021 SHOT show HERE

Getting started with your exhibit for the 2021 shot show

It is not too late to join as a vendor and Blazer Exhibits and Events can help you kick-start 2021 on a positive note. We can help get your exhibit on the fast-track to the show floor today so you can participate in next year’s highly-anticipated event!

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