Show Floor Survival Kit

Show Floor Survival Kit (What is the real deal with survival on the show floor?)

When managing and traveling to a trade show exhibit or corporate event, it is important that you are prepared…very prepared.   If you are like me, you always overlook something that, in the end you wish you had on site.  On the floor, time is money!  The more prepared you are, the more you will see results that capitalize in savings.

Over the past ten years I have come to realize that there are certain things that are a MUST on the floor!  I decided to list my top 10  favorites that I always include in mu “survival kit” to make sure every set up is a success.

#1. Always carry a Tape Measure– How many times do you have to ask your I&D crew for one?  It is easy to include a 6’ to 12’ tape measure without weighing you down.

#2. Sharpie– Don’t we all love filling out the empty stickers?   A necessary evil, but I don’t want to ask anyone making $100 per hour to borrow theirs.

#3. Band-Aids– I can’t count how many times I either cut myself or had a blister.  A small first aid kit can works wonders!

#4. Gum/Mints– Hello! Who wants to have bad breath after lunch at the convention eatery?

#5. Utility Knife– I’m sure more than once you have used your car keys or a pen.  Your own blade is very helpful!  Just make sure to pack it for shipment, so TSA does not ask you to leave it behind!

#6. Business Cards– This seems to be the one thing I’m having my assistant Fed Ex to my hotel…

#7. Comfortable Heels– After being on the convention floor for days prior to the show (in my comfy sneakers), my feet dread show day.  Below is a link to some of the most comfortable dress shoes.  My personal favorite is the Cole Haans. Love it!!

#8. Hand Sanitizer– I once caught the Bird Flu in Vegas at CES, ever since, this is always in my bag.  Better safe, than sorry.

#9. Packing Tape– Much cheaper if you bring a roll verses purchasing one from your I&D company.  $4.00 versus $50.00 (you decide)

#10. Advil/Tylenol– After days on your feet (on concrete), this is a must!

I always suggest that my clients add these items to their exhibit shipment.  We always ask for bolts and screws, what about us?

Don’t put wing nuts, bolts, screws and packing lists above your comfort.  After all, you are the one that has to smile at 10 am when the show finally opens.

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