Social Media and Sales: Why It’s a Match Made in Heaven

Social Media and Sales: Why It’s a Match Made in Heaven Banner

If you’re one of those sales professionals that is sick of hearing how social media can benefit you greatly, I have to break the news to you: social media is one of the most powerful tools in terms of boosting sales. Stop being annoyed, and start paying attention – who couldn’t use a substantial boost in that end-of-month sales figure? And if you’re one of those pushing hard just to barely make quota, social media will have you a lot less stressed!

Here’s what you need to know to change your attitude from annoyed to attentive.

Target Market Is Key

Why is a trade show exhibit so important to your business in terms of boosting sales? If you understand the answer to this question, you’ll understand the importance of social media as well. When you set up your trade show booth to sell your products or services, you have an important advantage over someone simply setting up their display in the center of a mall or city street. It’s pretty much a guarantee that people attending that booth want to know about your product. They might not have come to see our product specifically, but they have an interest in the industry being targeted by the trade show.

Let’s say you’re a designer paper manufacturer. You might be set up at a scrapbook expo or a card makers convention, or you could be at one of the Craft and Hobby Association’s expos (CHA) to showcase to retailers the various lines soon-to-be released in the coming months. You’re either selling to the consumer directly, or you’re selling to the retailer to sell to consumers. In some cases, you’re going to sell to both. But one thing is certain – anyone attending this event is either a papercrafter or papercrafting retailer, and both markets are interested in what you have to offer.

When you set up a Facebook page for your paper company, it’s like a virtual trade show booth that never dismantles. Customers can see sneak peeks of new lines, instead of waiting until CHA. You can offer giveaways to commemorate holidays, just as you would offer giveaways of new products in your booth. Your YouTube channel can feature a product demo instead of live from the booth at the show, and you can take special behind-the-scenes photos to share on Instagram, maybe of the production process or packing up a new line into boxes to ship to stores, all as it is happening – something you just can’t do at the show.

And just like the people that purchase those convention tickets to see your booth, the people that are seeing your Facebook and Twitter posts actually sought out your page to like amongst a sea of likers. They chose to click that little like button just to receive updates from your company. The people seeing your posts are people that actually want to see your posts.

How To Do It Right

Be sure to include links to your business Facebook page on your website, have it added to your business cards, and include a Facebook icon on any advertising so customers can head over to like your page. While you’re at it, include a link within your email signature. If you’re a salesman, you might opt for a link to your LinkedIn profile rather than a Facebook page. It’s like Facebook for grownups – all business, no cute cat memes. In other words, highly professional. Unless you happen to be in the cat business.

Speaking of salesmen, when you’re making a business connection on LinkedIn, take the extra time to seek out employees of certain positions, ones that are decision makers or those that influence a decision maker. But don’t just blindly connect – include a personalized note introducing yourself and detailing why you are connecting with them.

Follow along with social media accounts held by businesses in the industry, as well as customers. Then keep an eye on what they’re saying. Go through comments, and arm yourself with insider information that can help you target your selling points to those points that actually matter.

Post as regularly as you can – a link to an article or quick question to get people talking is fine. The more engaged you make your fans, the more successful you’ll be with your sales pitch.

Social media and trade shows – both great ways to introduce your business and what you’re selling to your target market. Blazer Exhibits will help you with your trade show marketing approach, the rest is up to you!

Is social media a big part of your sales strategy?

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