How to Stand Out With a Rental Trade Show Booth

How to Stand Out With a Rental Trade Show Booth Banner

Trade shows are all about generating buzz and attention, but putting this into action isn’t always an easy process. With competitors beside, behind and in front of your booth, standing out from the crowd can be seriously difficult, especially if you’re renting your trade show booth.

Luckily, there are a variety of tactics you can use to stand out from the crowd and attract plenty of attention at your next trade show, even if you rent your booth instead of building your own.

Below, we’ve listed five simple tips that you can use to make your booth a stand-out attraction at your next trade show, convention or industry event, helping you to generate more leads, attract more buzz and achieve a higher ROI.

Be bold, bright and interesting

When you’re small, it pays to be bold. If you have a smaller-than-average rental booth, one easy way to stand out from the crowd is to make sure your displays are as bold, bright and interesting as possible.

Try standing out by choosing colors that catch attention, such as bright red, blue, orange, green or yellow. You can even use large, bold typefaces with contrasting colors to draw extra attention to your message.

When you’re searching for attention, it never pays to be cookie cutter. Be bold, bright and highly interesting and you’ll have no problems standing out, even with a smaller-than-average exhibit.

Use lighting to your advantage

Don’t have the biggest booth? No problem. By using the right lighting, you can make your rental trade show booth look and feel larger and more impressive than it really is, even if you’re limited to a small physical space during the event.

There are numerous ways to use lighting to your advantage. If you have products to showcase, try using spotlighting to draw attention to them. If you have a large display, try using directional lighting to help it really “pop” and stand out from its surroundings.

Just like the best photographers use lighting to change the look of their subject, the best trade show exhibitors use lighting to their advantage, whether for a bigger looking exhibit or a more impressive product display.

Choose your most effective staff

It’s not just lighting and graphic design that will attract people to your trade show booth rental — the team you choose for the event also play a huge role in both generating foot traffic and keeping visitors engaged.

Trade shows are tough, challenging environments, especially for sales staff. Choose your top performing, most experienced sales representatives and you’ll stand out from the competition by offering more energy, more expertise and a more effective human presence during the show.

Promote your booth before the show

Do you have an existing audience for social media or an email list? If so, leverage it before the event by contacting your existing fans, subscribers, and customers to let them know that you’ll be there.

Often, even a single status update is all it takes to bring your booth to the attention of your loyal fans and followers, guaranteeing you an audience at the event. When other attendees see your booth’s activity level, they’ll feel more motivated to stop by and join in the fun.

Do something unique and interesting

There’s more to stand out in a trade show environment than just the visual side of your booth — often, it’s the things you do that make all the difference.

Stand out from the crowd and attract attention by being unique, interesting and fun. If you have an engaging, unique product, show it off with a live demonstration. If you have a fantastic offer, promote it heavily so that your company’s unique value is obvious for attendees.

From giveaways and competitions to demos, special offers and more, there are numerous ways to stand out from the crowd, all without focusing on the aesthetic side of your trade show booth.

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