SPIE Photonics West: Steal The Show with Creative Exhibit Displays

SPIE Photonics West: Steal The Show with Creative Exhibit Displays Banner

The SPIE Photonics West happening on February 2 to 7 2019 at Moscone Center, San Francisco California is the world’s biggest photonics technologies event. As early as now, some exhibitors are already planning for the event.

With an expected 1,300 exhibiting companies, what are the ways that your exhibit booth will capture the attention of the attendees?

To have your product or services seen and heard

You need a top-quality professional trade show booth designs. If you cannot afford to hire professionals to create a great trade show booth design, then you can always go for trade show display rentals.

In order to make a splash at the Moscone Center Venue, you need to look like you know what you are doing. Using one of the following 5 designs should get you the attention and audience you need.

#1. 10 ft. by 20-foot display

If you have space, this 10 by 20 trade show booth design lets your product standout without too many words.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, you can say 2,000 words or more with the large graphics area.

An HDTV screen will provide you with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your out-of-the-box thinking. You can display your innovative ways of working while still impressing old-fashioned businessmen.

Plus, you have enough desk space to display your brochures and other product items.

You get one shot to impress your potential clients. Make it a good one.

#2. Apply K.I.S.S. principle

One way to make an impression is to make sure you follow the K.I.S.S. principle—Keep it simple, stupid. This way you can demonstrate your efficiency, keeping your eyes on the bottom line ability and make a clear statement about you and your product.

Making the right impression does not mean you have to overwhelm your potential clients with every technological gadget on the market today. You can show your practical strengths while maintaining top quality presentations.

This 10 by 10 trade show booth design should win over many potential clients.

#3. 10 by 8-foot trade show booth design

Make your point without talking. One way to impress potential clients is to demonstrate you can communicate effectively without boring your audience with a lot of useless chatter.

The 10 by 8-foot trade show booth design still gives you plenty of space to set up desks, chairs, and other displays you need to market your product. This certainly is a design that will catch the eye of potential clients as you communicate clearly and distinctly.

It is good to think smart when choosing the right trade show booth design or trade show display rentals.

#4. Backlit Lightbox display

You can be both informal and professional with a trade show display rental that includes a backlit lightbox display. Not every businessman is built the same, so it pays to be flexible in your trade show booth design. You want to meet all the needs of potential clients while making them comfortable and relaxed.

By keeping a professional look, you can also show that you are up to the task of being professional in your work ethic. This 10 by 8-foot display space brings HDTV viewing quality and still lets you make a very professional presentation as you gain the confidence of prospective clients.

#5. 10 x 20 ft booth size with 2 TV monitors

Use color to your advantage. Mix and match different unique colors to draw the attention of trade show attendees. Then you can use the 10 by 20 feet of space to make sure your product or services are displayed with ease.

Two television monitors let you reach a broader audience and more people at one time. You can impress them with your knowledge and business acumen when you do. Be business smart with this trade show booth design.

Finding a top-quality trade show both design or trade show display rentals

There are 5 things to consider when looking to develop your trade show booth:

  1.    Quality – Make sure the company can build or can rent high quality displays and booths.
  2.    Experience – To make an impression, you need a company that has the know how and experience to build top quality display booths.
  3.    Function – The booths you rent or buy should be functional and flexible to meet your trade show display needs and space
  4.    Cost – You want top-quality at a price you can afford
  5.    Customer service – You want a company that will take care of you like you treat your clients. They should be professional, and ready to help in an emergency

Blazer Exhibits offer a complete range of trade show rental booths for businesses of all types and sizes. We offer turn-key solutions for events and trade shows. Contact us now.

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