Teach Trade Show Staff How To Travel

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A big part of a successful trade show appearance, is the effectiveness of your employees and trade show display staff to engage attendees and maximize your presence at your next trade show. And a big part of ensuring that type of performance is making sure that your employees are comfortable and relaxed when on the road. That means that employees need to know how to travel.


TradeShowPlanningNow, you probably have some employees (perhaps those in sales, or higher up the totem pole) that are very familiar with travelling and have it down to almost an exact science. Then there may be others who are not as familiar (or as comfortable) with travelling. If they are going to be able to help with your trade show display and with everything from exhibit set up to tear down, they need to have the basic tips to travel comfortably in order to avoid the extra stress that comes with being uncomfortable on the road.


Don’t forget, stress equates to worse performance 100% of the time. And since your trade show display staff will likely be under enough stress just from trying to prepare everything, you don’t want to add extra stress that comes from being ill-prepared for travelling in the first place.


So, make sure that you send out an email/memo or perhaps even have a brief meeting with those staffers who are less familiar with travelling for a trade show. Make sure to discuss the necessary items to bring (both from a personal and professional standpoint), how early to arrive for flights, what kind of dress code is expected, the schedule for the week and more.


Just spending a bit of time to give these staffers who are new to travelling (or new to exhibiting with your trade show display) a bit of extra preparation will do wonders to reduce their stress levels and make sure that they are ready to give 110% towards their performance at the next trade show.

Don’t forget that more preparation equals less stress, and less stress means more success for exhibit set up and beyond!

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