The Advantages Of Trade Show Display Rental

The Advantages Of Trade Show Display Rental Banner

Though custom exhibit design and fabrication may provide the greatest design freedom and control, there are times when it just isn’t necessary (or financially feasible). In these situations, a company should consider trade show display rental instead of purchasing a custom-designed exhibit. The good news is that, through the wide application of versatile materials and modular exhibit design, exhibit rentals don’t have to look like rentals anymore.

The advantages of display rental are numerous and significant. The first advantage is obviously price. It will typically cost less to rent a trade show display, than to purchase one, particularly if you would be paying for custom exhibit design and fabrication. But, the lower price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any customization. Through modular design and cheaper, more versatile materials, companies are able to offer rental exhibits that can be tailored to match marketing and promotional materials and best promote your brand.

This is possible by utilizing generic cabinetry and display stands or facades, upon which customized materials can be applied to give the display rental a custom-look without the cost of purchasing a fully-custom exhibit. Increasing modularity and affordability of materials means that less exhibit design compromises need be made just because the exhibit includes a display rental.

Another advantage of display rental is that a company doesn’t have to worry about storage and management of the exhibit components when not exhibiting. The cost of ownership for a purchased trade show display includes more than just the price of the display itself. You have to factor in insurance costs, storage costs, depreciation and the like. Opting to go with a display rental can save time, money and hassle by avoiding all of this. And, if necessary, displays and exhibits can be retrofitted with minimal additional cost to accommodate business developments–to advertise a new product, update a logo or change a slogan.

Of course, purchasing a custom exhibit still does offer a wider range of design choices. But, the greater cost and versatility must be weighed against the rental option by determining how many trade shows a company will be attending and what the desired impact is at that show (do you want to just have a presence and do some networking, or is your goal to have the exhibit that blows everyone away and is the talk of the show?) These considerations must all be taken into account before determining whether buying, or renting, is the best course of action for your company.

Both options have merit in today’s market, and with new advances in versatility of materials and modular design, rentals are becoming a more intriguing option for many.

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