The Basics Of Event Insurance

The Basics Of Event Insurance Banner

Any time your company is planning a large event, or perhaps exhibiting at a trade show, it is a good idea to seriously consider event insurance. Although, some may be reticent to consider yet another form of insurance coverage the simple fact is that this kind of insurance can help protect you from a number of issues and more easily manage the risk of loss associated with events and trade shows.


Understanding the basics of event insurance for comprehensive event planning.Event insurance will often cover a number of things, from accidents or damages that may occur during exhibit set up to cancellation of an event based on weather or other issues. All of these kinds of circumstances can cost you a significant amount of money if you are not insured against them. Having special event insurance then essentially makes you prepared for the worst, while doing everything in your power to make sure that you experience the best outcome with your trade show booths.


Consider special events insurance if you are worried about the possibilities of loss from nearly any kind of incident that may befall you at a trade show or other special event. Obviously, it’s important to shop around try to get the best deal and the most comprehensive coverage when searching for policies. It’s a good idea to ask yourself whether or not you really need special events insurance, especially if you are a smaller company and want to minimize costs. If you do your due diligence, there shouldn’t be much to worry about in terms of accidents or other unexpected losses, right?


Well, while it is true that making sure that you cross all of your t’s and dot your i’s can minimize the chances of an expensive loss, it is not possible to eliminate that likelihood. So, like any other kind of insurance, insurance for events and exhibit set up should be seen as a simple cost-benefit risk analysis.


Essentially, what you are doing when you buy a policy is betting against the company that sells the policy. You bet the cost of the premiums (plus any associated fees) that you will get a payout that exceeds your initial investment in the event of an incident. The insurance company takes the other side of the bet.

So, consider the pro’s and con’s fully before looking into insuring trade show booths or other events, but realize that there can certainly be significant advantages to holding this kind of policy in terms of minimize the amount of risk you encounter when exhibiting at a trade show or other event.

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