The Biggest Trends in Exhibit Booth Design We’ve Seen This Year

The Biggest Trends in Exhibit Booth Design We’ve Seen This Year Banner

Boring trade show booths do not attract visitors and results in low sales. Uncovering and analyzing new design trends by the design companies is one key to the success of your business. Keeping with the current trade show trends in trade exhibitions is an excellent way of making sure the audiences do not overlook your products. With a lot of competition in trade show booth designs in presentations, you need to have a very creative team to build up for you to stand out of the rest. Here are some of the most significant trends in exhibits booth designs seen this year.

Bold Cut Out

This is a cheap method of making big impressions, which can be made from a cardboard. It not only speaks about your business and brand but also serves as an excellent photo opportunity as well. Cutouts make great photos and allow those attending the exhibition booths even to dress them.

Unconventional Displays

In 2018, use of displays has been a fast-growing trend as an immersive experience giving the visitors a feeling of being transported off the trade show floor and a sensory experience.

Tactical Approach

Aligning marketing plans have been a significant trend in this year’s exhibit booths. This has been achieved by modifying the ideas to work in concert with each other rather than approaching each trade show event as an isolated project. People have noticed the value of taking a holistic and strategic approach for all trade shows to the entire calendar.


Use of projection drawing is a distinctive way to project imagery and light into a stationary object. For instance, LG’s OLED experience at CES 2018 was an incredible example of showcasing the power of product offering.

Bespoke Reconfigurable Solution

This is an eye-catching design coupled with a traditional catch that is built to catch and draw visitors to your stand.

Experimental Design

Total visitor’s experience has been considered from start to finish and beyond the confines of the booth through the use of great booth designs in this year’s exhibition.

Photo OP Walls

Provision of fun photos to booths through the use of bold images has been a trend in this year’s exhibit booths, and those attending the booths love the chance to share photos with friend and exhibitors have been benefiting from this exposure.

Dazzling LED Lights

Use of high quality LED lights have been surprisingly an effective way of adding hyper-bright pops of colors to almost any display. Their versatility, intensity and easy to use have been of great help for drawing the visitors’ attention

Immersive Touchscreens

Use of touch and interactive technology have been widely used in large scale like in touchable installations like statuettes than displays. This has seen attendees getting close and interacting with brands.

Personalized Displays

Instead of using old booth design, intensely customized displays that serves as an accurate and specific reflection of their brand and values have been widely used this year’s trade exhibits calendar.

Fabrics and Organic Touches

The use of fabrics and organic touches have been the latest and best technology to be used by show exhibitors. Fabrics are lightweight and flexible, which have made them ideal for large-scale graphics and organic materials have such a natural wood and real greenery which drives home their authenticity.

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