The Different Types of Trade Show Booth Displays

The Different Types of Trade Show Booth Displays Banner

Trade show booth displays

Trade show booth displays can be an important aspect for companies of all kinds to invest in. When it comes to marketing your exhibit at a trade show or convention, cutting-edge designs and stunning graphics can make a major impact. They help demonstrate that your business has authority, identity, and superior products that viewers will want to purchase. That’s where the expert show booth display designers at Blazer Exhibits come in. For the very best in trade show booth displays of all kinds, reach out to Blazer Exhibits or visit our website to explore the different style options that might suit your company’s booth needs today!

What is a Trade Show Booth Display?

A trade show booth display is an exhibit that companies create for local conventions, expos, and trade shows. A well-laid-out display highlights the products and services your company offers while catching the eyes of passersby. Part marketing, part architectural structure, trade show booth displays are the best way to accurately portray what your company has to offer. In fact, in recent studies on companies’ return on investments (ROI), results show that a precise show booth can help businesses reach a higher number of clients than companies without one.

What is the Purpose of a Trade Show Booth Display? 

No matter which industry your business is a part of, these displays are a popular way to network, gain new clients, and inform viewers about your company. A good display will not only highlight your products, but will give your company a unique voice that sets you apart from competitors in your industry. There are many different layouts and designs to choose from. Blazer Exhibits offers a wide assortment of display configurations that can be customized entirely to suit your company’s identity.

The Main Types of Trade Show Booth Displays:

In-Line (Linear) 

An in-line or linear trade show booth display is located in a straight line with other booth displays in one aisle. In this configuration, only one side is open towards the aisle for viewing. Linear designs are a great option for most expos since they are not limited by their design layout. Generally, they range from 10’ x 10’ up to 20’. You will want to check with convention leaders beforehand to make sure your booth meets convention guidelines. Linear designs are also easier to set up, take down, and transport than some other popular options. If you want a beautiful, informative trade show booth display, you can’t go wrong with an in-line option.

Island Booth Displays

These are typically around 20’ x 20’ or larger, depending on convention guidelines. They have aisles on four sides and can include entirely solid walls or partial wall coverings. Island booths create a more enclosed, intimate environment for viewers, drawing them to focus on what your company has to offer with fewer distractions. They are a great investment because you can feature a lot more information in an island design. Installment is relatively easy for island designs, depending on the scope, size, and scale of your exhibit.

Perimeter Booth Displays

Perimeter trade show booth displays, sometimes referred to as “wall displays,” are often located on the perimeter of the exhibit floor. This design allows your display to be focused within the booth itself without overhanging logos or signs. Features will vary depending on the space available at the event. There are many positives to investing in a perimeter booth. For instance, since it’s located on the outside of an event, you are more likely to see higher amounts of traffic. Plus, perimeter booths are easy to view and a nice way for customers to interact with companies without clutter or crowds getting in their way.

Peninsula Booths Displays

Peninsula displays commonly face a cross-aisle or island booth and are attached to a group of linear booths. These booths attract maximum traffic as eye-catching graphics, product demonstrations, and hands-on activities beckon visitors from three sides. These attention-grabbing booths are a great tool to draw in viewers and promote your company’s services.

Peninsula Trade Show Booth Display

Corner Booth Displays

Corner displays nestle perfectly into corner areas at local expos or conventions. They are a minimum of 10’x10’ and often larger, where two of its four sides are open to aisle access. Usually, they are situated at the end of a row of linear style displays. These booths are a great pivot point for companies to be seen from viewers from afar.

Cross-Aisle Booth Displays

Finally, cross-aisle configurations are a great way to put your company in the middle of the crowd. Cross-aisle displays set you across from other booth displays in a T- formation. Being at the center of attention is the best way to reach more customers, plain and simple. Cross-aisle designs bring a level of elegance and well-crafted design to your company’s booth, setting you apart from your competitors. Plus, it’s easy to add hangings, decor, and banners with logos and other information.

Contact Blazer Exhibits 

When it comes to achieving the most stunning trade show booth displays for your company, Blazer Exhibits can help. We have over 35 years of experience helping companies around the world craft trade show booth displays, marketing plans, and banners for their business. Contact us today to learn more about our numerous trade show booth displays, and visit our website to learn more.

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