The Hallmarks Of Good Exhibit Design

The Hallmarks Of Good Exhibit Design Banner

Design. The word often conjures up feelings of contempt in many these days. To some, the very sound of the word itself sounds pretentious. And yet, design is all around us. It is ubiquitous and unavoidable, and just about all of the objects that make our lives better, easier or more enjoyable are a result of it. So, what makes for good design in the context of trade show exhibits? Well, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, trade show exhibit design isn’t only about beauty now is it?

Good design in a trade show booth, as in just about anything else, should come out of functionality just as much as it comes out of aesthetics. In other words, how well does it work? In the context of an exhibit booth, that means how well does it engage attendees? How well does it attract attention? How well is the trade show booth itself build, so that it can last and do its job for a longer period? All of this can be provided by good exhibit design. See? It’s not just about looks after all.

That’s not to say that design has nothing to do with being attractive or aesthetically pleasing. It certainly does. But, that’s only part of the whole picture. One of the most important hallmarks of good exhibit design is functionality. The other, of course, is the aesthetics of the piece. Design is part pragmatism and functionality and part art. The best pieces combine both to form something that is truly sensational.

Another important hallmark of good exhibit design is the fact that designers must be able to work within constraints. In other words, a good designer can make a piece that is just as amazing whether he or she has 200 square feet to work with or 2 square feet. Both of these trade show booth pieces will be radically different, but they should both be able to be functional and attractive. If a designer is not able to work within constraints, then they won’t easily be able to provide functionality in all kinds of situations. This is where it helps to be able to ‘think outside the box’ as a designer. Your trade show booth deserves this kind of thinking and extra care to your needs.

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