The Importance Of Lighting In Exhibit Design

The Importance Of Lighting In Exhibit Design Banner

 When it comes to design aesthetics, there are few things more important than lighting. Lighting has the ability to radically alter the way that we perceive an object. In the context of trade shows, this means that lighting is often the difference between an exhibit design that draws people in, and one that is simply ignored or glossed over. If you want to make sure that you truly ‘wow’ attendees and draw the attention that your company deserves, make sure to choose exhibit design that utilizes attractive and innovative lighting in order to create interest and draw in more visitors on the showroom floor.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get a custom display instead of one of the more basic pop up display affairs, one of the major advantages of the customized works is the more interesting ways that lighting and light design can be utilized to make your exhibit more than just a backdrop, but a real work of art. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a custom display for a trade show, from design conceptualization, to execution and fabrication. In the end, for the design firms that have been working in the industry as long as Blazer Exhibits, only the best design ideas are even accepted and see the light of day. And perhaps that light of day is what you are going for with your exhibit design, or perhaps you would rather use lighting and shadows to convey more mystery and intrigue for your custom display. It’s all possible. At Blazer Exhibits we can design a trade show exhibit to meet both the practical and aesthetic requirements of any business or brand.

Good lighting does more than make your display graphics visible, it actually adds to the overall design by making the exhibit seem more real, more attractive or more intriguing to visitors. Effectively, lighting, shape and color all work together to create a space that will attract attendees and represent your brand in whatever fashion you desire. Your display graphics are only part of your exhibit. The actual structure and appearance of the exhibit are also essential to telling the story about your company and why you are there.

So, next time you are planning your next trade show appearance, consider the benefits that effective lighting and exhibit design can bring to your next trade show display. If you want to stand out and draw more attention, you need to branch out beyond the basic display graphics and pop up display and utilize all of the design options available to you.

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