The Massive Gaming Expo, E3, Starts Tomorrow

The Massive Gaming Expo, E3, Starts Tomorrow Banner

The world’s largest gaming expo, E3 (short for Electronic Entertainment Expo), gets underway tomorrow, June 11th and runs until the 13th. The trade show will be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center and is expected to attract tens of thousands of professionals throughout the industry as well as hordes of media, journalists and bloggers who will be covering every detail about every new video game, including demonstrations of new and unreleased games and game-related announcements.

E3 is perhaps the most important and highest-profile expos in the electronic media and gaming industry. With huge players like Microsoft (makers of the Xbox) and Sony (who manufactures the Playstation systems), there are sure to be some seriously impressive trade show displays  los angeles and some eye-popping exhibit design underway. It seems that electronic expos like CES and E3 always showcase some of the most diverse, innovative and awe-inspiring exhibit design. They are certainly up there with many auto shows in terms of the sheer scale and size of much of the trade show exhibits which often can take up hundreds of square feet.

This E3 is expected to include more details on both of the upcoming next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft’s new system is called the Xbox One and Playstation’s is called (surprise) the Playstation 4. Although both console manufacturers have already announced their upcoming gaming consoles and given some details for what gamers can expect, both companies will have press conferences that will likely give more information about their systems.

Of course, game publishers will also be represented and will no doubt be leveraging impressive exhibit design in order to draw attention to their new titles. The gaming expo has also traditionally done a very good job of showcasing interactive exhibit design, which is in line with the concept of games as an interactive and engaging medium. Although E3, as one of the largest gaming expos, is not open to the public. Members of the industry and the press will be getting hands on time to play as of yet unreleased titles and games.

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