Tips to Refurbish your Used Trade Show Exhibits

Just like everything else, trade show exhibits are susceptible to wear, tear and aging. So, you may have purchased the ideal custom trade show exhibit for long-term use only to realize that it looks past its prime after a few trade show events. In such a scenario, it would be economical and wise to refurbish your used trade show exhibit as opposed to purchasing a new exhibit. Here are simple tips on how to breathe new life into an aged trade show exhibit.

1. Change or add the lighting

The best way to add luster to a dull exhibit is by adding a little illumination. This can be achieved by adding or replacing old LED fixtures with colorful and modern versions. Additionally, you can add lighting on spots that did not have lighting fixtures before. This adds a new feature and design style to a used trade show exhibit making it look well maintained, contemporary and welcoming.

2. Resurface and re-laminate

If your trade show booth receives high traffic, it is bound to get chipped, torn or faded. In such a case, consider resurfacing or re-laminating your trade exhibit surface. You can either remove the old surface and replace it with new material or simply cover the existing surface. Both options will create a new feel and look to your custom trade show exhibit at a pocket-friendly cost.

3. Cover blemishes

Instead of stripping off all worn out trade show exhibit materials, it is advisable to cover the affected areas with different materials that blend in with your trade show’s interior design. For instance, you could cover the graphic panel using a pillowcase fabric that matches or complements its color. In addition, there are different affordable wraps and vinyl films that can be used based on the trade show’s finishing materials.

4. Update the carpet

A new and modern carpet can add pomp and color to any used trade show exhibit design. But, as opposed to simply replacing your used carpet, it is wise to select a unique carpet with styles and colors that not only match your company logo but also stands out from the masses at the trade show event. For example, you can use a wood laminate look or a floor laminate portraying your company logo or name.

5. Replace the furniture

Replace any furniture you deem staid with furnishings that match your current business theme or that add a contemporary feel to your trade booth. Purchase less common furnishings and elements that bring out your sense of style and uniqueness not only in design but also in business essence.


Purchasing a trade show exhibit is a long-term and costly investment. Therefore, you are tasked to ensure that it is well-maintained and in proper working conditions always. This entails, refurbishing it from time to time as the trade show display trends change.