To Increase Exposure Try Exhibiting At Different Trade Shows

To Increase Exposure Try Exhibiting At Different Trade Shows Banner

It’s no secret that exhibiting at a trade show can get your company a lot of exposure in your industry and provides a unique marketing position that leverages face-to-face interactions and excellent opportunities for networking. But, if you are always just exhibiting at the same trade show or expo, you will necessarily limit the amount of exposure that you are providing your company. Even if you regularly attend an expo of quite large size, you will still find yourself running into familiar faces from year to year.

Trade SHow BoothWhile this may not necessarily be a bad thing for professional networking, it means that you aren’t maximizing your exposure to new companies and individuals which could provide additional value for your business. So, to maximize your exposure and your visibility, take your exhibit stand and your most seasoned trade show staff to a new show in order to increase the impact and reach of your marketing.

So, if you are in a bit of a trade show slump and need a new way to find customers and fresh new eyes for your company’s marketing materials, try exhibiting at a new trade show. You can extend your reach and still do it affordably by taking advantage of booth rental or modular design which can significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of shipping and drayage.

For extra exposure, you might consider setting up an exhibit stand at a trade show that is only tangentially related to your industry. Make sure that you pick a show that will give you enough overlap so that your products and services aren’t seen as irrelevant or unappealing to the audience of attendees at the show. Done right this can really improve your recognition. For example, if you run a car decal business you might consider exhibiting at a trade show for the auto repair industry in order to gain more exposure in a related industry.

If you leverage the benefits of booth rental and modular design, you can also save money on your exhibit stand while gaining valuable new exposure in related markets.

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