Top 10 Festivals, Fairs and Events in Los Angeles 

Events in Los Angeles

Los Angeles also was written as LA is always full of exciting events for those who dwell here or visit here especially for the sake of some memorable moments. Different months have their respective events, festivals, and fairs. Some of these competitions held annually, and they have their distinct importance for these months and these months associated with these plays. For example, if we talk about the month of February, the first thing that peeps into our minds is that of Valentine festivities. So, months associated with events and so is their fame.

Not just the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is an experience in its right. If it feels like you’re walking onto a movie set in LA, then it’s because you are; as street corners, diners, landmarks, and restaurants have all played parts in many big screen releases. If it’s not enough that the town of Los Angels feels like a glamorous reality TV show at times, then remember that it is also a major international city for other industries too; from fashion and food to technology and medicine. In fact, as America’s second largest city and undoubtedly one of most culturally diverse; a trip to Los Angeles can be whatever you want it to be. But to help you decide, here are ten of the best festivals, fairs and events in Los Angeles.

Top 10 Festivals, Fairs and Events in Los Angeles 

1. Valentine Tea and Tunes at Banning Museum

Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles is full of color, beauty, and fragrance. There are several events taking place on this day, and it becomes tough to suggest a single one out of these performances. However, if I have to recommend you only a single event, Valentine Tea and Tunes at Banning Museum would be my choice. The event annually held in the memory of the marriage of Phineas Banning and his second wife Mary on Valentine’s Day in 1870.

2. Writers Guild Awards Ceremony

The Writers Guild Awards acknowledge the prominent writers for the movie, new media, television, radio, video games, news, promotional, and graphic animation awards categories. This awards distribution ceremony can be a big event for those who take a keen interest in films and television or to those who are determined to start a promising career in the field of writing for areas mentioned above.

3. Queen Mary Scottish Festival

Every year in the month of February, Queen Mary Scottish Festival is celebrated to pay tribute to its land of birth, Scotland. The festival loaded with Scottish dance, music, foods, people, and crafts, etc. The festival takes place just after Valentine’s Day, so if celebrated together with the valentine’s festivities, it adds to the overall fun and entertainment.

4. Conscious Life Expo

If you’re still in search of your lover, are interested in learning about metaphysics, extraterrestrials, DNA adjustment, enhancing your psychic power and such other topics – this event is just for you!

5. California Strawberry Festival

Top fruit celebrations in the United States of America acknowledged as the best festivities in the United State of America. The California Strawberry festival has been a public event for approximately a 3rd of a hundred years and contemptuously flaunts an understanding to perform strawberries in all ways conceivable. Every host of recreation possibilities apart from every strawberry includes all from live music performance on two steps to Strawberry’s Promenade with star cooking presentations. Above 250 fine Arts and Crafts, Strawberry land for Kids who ride and displays, gooey compete for special presentations and more. All take place on a 15 acre ground of parkland. During the triple hundred years of the celebrations, more than $4000000 created to fund over twenty-five Southland charities.

6. The Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Competition and Folk Festival

Best Folk Music Celebrations held in the USA Southern California’s most famous Bluegrass every 3rd Sunday of May. Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Competition and Folk Festival bolsters music and hitting the dance floor with more than 160 entertainers and several accommodating and singing candidates and exhibitions, such as fiddle playoffs, band playoffs, singing playoffs. Also obstruct contra and square artists and an expansive scope of people craftsmanship corners.

7. July Fourth Fireworks Spectacular Event in California

Beat fourth July festivities celebrations in the USA a large number of individuals assemble to the renowned Hollywood Bowl to commands the fourth of July, the day that is thought to be the nation’s birthday, and appreciates a customary and moving show of energetic and rousing music taken after by the similarly exemplary impact of firecrackers over the slopes of Hollywood.

8. Los Angeles County Occasions Held in August and September in California

Acknowledged as the greatest district fairs in the United State America, Los Angeles County fairs give everything that is from top stimulation including primary on-screen characters. Furthermore, the well-known “Streetmosphere” has all things from road parades to individual walking costumed features and minstrels, and festivals and Jubilee rides, to run the mill district reasonable shows and fun like “hotshot” domesticated animals, and domesticated animals rivalries and judging.

9. United State of America Surfing Done Early September at Los Angeles, California

Top Surfing USA events which last for a week-long surfing contest that lures more than 500,000 personalities each year and that first celebrated in the year 1959; the United State Unrestricted Surfing is the biggest surfing tournament. Therefore it has arrived to make the Huntington Beach acknowledged as Surf Town in the USA. Huntington Beach has recognized a Coast surfing large and home to numerous surfing championships throughout the year.

10. African American Festival

This festival brings African American and African cultures together through different art and craft festivities. There are musicians, break dancers, tap dancers, storytellers and much more to decorate this festival with their artistic ventures.

Also, there is Hollywood Christmas Parade done late November in California.

It has been an American custom for more than 80 years. Hollywood Christmas Parade highlights Santa Claus himself declaring the formal beginning of the celebration period with cinema stars, floats of various shapes, dimensions, folk dancing, and marching bands, giant air, and equestrians.

The time and date schedules for these LA events can be matched with those given at the official websites of these developments organizers. That will help you streamline your visit to the Los Angeles and to enjoy these activities to the fullest extent.