Top Cities for Trade Shows

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6 Cities that Rock the Trade Show World

There are a number of cities that attract trade shows every year but only a few consistently top the list as the best cities for the market…and for good reason. These cities invest thousands of dollars into convention centers and event venues, ensuring that theirs is top notch.
Furthermore, the cities themselves have plenty to offer outside the walls of the convention center.

1. Las Vegas

The City of Lights has been the #1 trade show destination for over 20 years in a row! Just why does this city capture the trade show market? For starters, it is a popular vacation destination that offers endless entertainment opportunities from live shows to casinos and fine dining. Its location and weather also make it an ideal location. The top industries to exhibit in Vegas include electronics, technology, and marketing consultants.

2. Denver

Denver has long been a prime location for snow sport trade shows but has also recently become a popular destination for green technology events. It’s convention center has been noted for its progressive improvements of sustainability making it perfect for environmental trade shows.

3. Chicago

Not only is Chicago home to the country’s largest convention center, but its central location and airport accessibility makes it a major player in the trade show industry. Among its top exhibit participants include boating and bridal shows.

4. New York

The city that never sleeps is also the city for trade shows. New York is a cultural melting pot, making it the perfect location to host various types of trade shows. It has become a popular venue for industries such as food, technology, automotive, fashion, and even toys! There is no lack of things to do outside of the convention as well. With so much to offer tourists, New York is a perfect spot to host these events.

5. Orlando

There is more to the city than Disney World! Orlando hosts a large number of successful trade shows every year. The pleasant weather makes it an ideal location for shows year round. An assortment of industries choose Orlando as their destination for exhibiting including auto shows, technology, and merchandising.

6. New Orleans

This city has become a popular choice for trade shows because of its unique and soulful culture. With so much to offer both professionally and recreationally, it’s no wonder New Orleans is a great choice for shows such as jewelry, food, technology, and boating.
There are many factors to consider when selecting the best city for your trade show exhibit. You want to choose a location that is accessible and offers plenty of accommodations. You also want to consider whether the show will bring the right clientele for your business. Choosing the right destination can make a huge difference in your attendance and overall ROI. For this reason, it is important to research various shows and locations to find the city that is just right for you.

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