Top Tradeshows for Business Owners

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If you have just purchased a portable display or any other type of portable booth, you may be wondering where to spend your marketing dollars when it comes to attending a show or two. There are some well-known shows that every small business owners should think about attending. By either setting up a portable display or simply network and see what other companies are doing.

Here are some of the shows that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. South by Southwest: also known as ‘SXSW,’ this conference combines music, film, and business industry movers and shakers. Most people attend SXSW to learn more about a particular trade, but it’s also one of the best ways to network. Plus, you can jump on the #SXSW tag bandwagon when it comes to Twitter and other social networks, and that’s great marketing for your company.
  2. The World Domination Summit: other than the fact that this conference simply has a really great name (it kind of sounds like you are going to take over the world, which is really the idea here!), The World Domination Summit is full of educational talks that you’ll actually want to listen to. Think along the lines of motivational lectures and other conferences that inspire and help you to reach whatever goals you have set for your business.
  3. America’s Small Business Summit: the name of this event says it all, doesn’t it? America’s Small Business Summit is hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and it aims to help entrepreneurs define business practices and hone in on important goals.
  4. Startup Grind: here’s where you want to go if you are interested in hearing what some of the top startups and investors in San Francisco have to say about how to start your business (and why wouldn’t that be of interest?). The startup crowd is definitely an innovative one, so make sure you bring your best portable booth to this event if you plan on becoming an exhibitioner (but that won’t be easy, since the hosts of this conference are rather picky!).

Spending Your Conference Dollars

It’s hard to really determine how much of a return you will get when you attend a conference. If you have to fly yourself and five team members out to say, San Francisco for a conference and you live on the East Coast, that cost is going to be really high. Which is why it’s vital that you have an amazing san francisco trade show exhibit to attract attendee attention. A portable display is certainly your best option if you want to travel light, but you can also have a custom trade show display created that includes lots of heavy pieces and a complex setup. In fact, this is recommended if you plan on attending any tech or startup event!

Blazer can ship your display pieces to the conference that you are going to attend and we can also send a professional member of our team to the event to set up your display for you. One less thing on your mind so you don’t have to worry about hanging from ladders. Just let us know what event you are going to attend this year, and we’ll make sure that your display gets there in one piece and looks amazing.

If you run a small business, which events are you planning on attending this year? Are any of these conferences on your radar? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Facebook.

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