Top Ways to Be Unique at a Trade Show

Top Ways to Be Unique at a Trade Show Banner
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Most people attending a trade show have the same basic trade show display. You can almost spot where logos are supposed to go by looking at a row of booths because all the logos are in the same basic places. Additionally, most booths include the same basic elements, and all of this can get very hum-drum – just think about the times that you’ve walked through a trade show. How often did a booth attract your attention? The trick to really getting a lot of people to your trade show display (so that you can introduce your product) is to find ways to truly stand out.

1. Think about what your team will wear. I’m betting you didn’t consider team uniforms, did you? Most people at a trade show will be wearing business attire, but your team will look a lot more together if you ask everyone to wear, say, a bright red t-shirt that includes your logo.

2. Have fun with it. So many trade show booths are boring! You can create anything you want when it comes to your exhibit set up. Consider an entertainment area, a fun area, or some interesting novelty items.

3. Really integrate social media. You might have some social media accounts set up, but are you using those accounts to help with your upcoming show ROI? Create a hashtag that corresponds with your company, or ask your employees to place their Twitter handles on nametags. Also, it’s important that you include social media information on handouts.

4. Tell people where you are. Prior to the show, let your social media, blog, and email audience know where your booth will be set up. “Come see us at booth Z on floor Y!”

5. Don’t underestimate t-shirts. People like to wear t-shirts, especially if they are comfortable ones with interesting designs. Instead of giving away pens, consider giving away t-shirts – just make sure you come up with a clever slogan first.

6. Make it fun. Nobody wants to hear your entire sales pitch while standing on a hard floor for more than twenty minutes. Instead of the hard sell, set up games and other fun events that are designed to capture audience information, but are also fun for your guests.

Getting Your ROI From a Show

A good goal for a trade show is to simply bring awareness to your brand. If you manage to capture a lot of emails, names, or information about people, that’s all the ROI you need – these things are very valuable. However, you really have to be prepared for the upcoming show by understanding your goals, making sure your booth stands out, and doing a lot of pre-show prep with your social media and marketing team.

You can get a solid ROI from a trade show, you just have to know how to make your trade show display pop. A good way to begin is through your own website and social media channels. From there, you can start building a customized booth. And, whatever you do, don’t forget to gain the insight from your entire staff on your show tactics – you never know what someone in, say, accounts might have up their sleeve when it comes to show creativity.

Blazer Booths

At Blazer, we create custom trade show booths that are both affordable and unique. If you can think of it, we can create it – guaranteed. You don’t have to hang your logo from the same spot as everyone else, and you can create a custom exhibit that’s really original. Speak with our design team today to see how we can help you gain lots of visitors at any show you are about to attend.

When it comes to tradeshows, Blazer has your custom exhibit covered – and be sure to check out our blog for more pre, during, and post show tips.

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