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Our professionals will find the exhibiting platform that will achieve your goals and connect with your target audience with just the right amount of zeal. From roadshows and conventions to the largest events, we have you covered.

Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Your trade show displays and exhibit booths at events demonstrates that you are an authoritative company with superior products and services. Blazer has assembled a world-class trade show exhibits team that can get the job done from start to finish. The depth and breadth of our trade show design and management experience allow us to become an extension of your trade show marketing team, from planning all the way through to execution and follow-up; giving you only the best in trade show booth displays.

Custom Exhibits

Perfectly designed and built to your marketing needs showcasing your business to your target audience. Check out how we can build your dream exhibit!

Rental Exhibits

Sometimes renting an exhibit makes sense. Explore why this option may be just the answer you are looking for at your next trade show and upcoming events.

Portable/Modular Exhibits

From simple pull up banners, pop-up exhibits, and prefabricated exhibiting packages, read why purchasing these highly refined systems may be the right answer for your show.

Freight & Shipping

Getting your exhibiting properties to your show does not have to be difficult. Blazer Exhibits dreyage professionals will get your exhibit to and from your show venue hassle free.

Repair and Refurbish

Fixing damage and re-imagining your current display properties is one of our specialties. Breathing new life into your custom or pre-fabricated booth can save you time and money for your next show.

Installation / Dismantle

Getting your booth properties up and taking them down accurately and on time is what Blazer Exhibits does. Let our installation experts take on all the work, leaving you to focus on your marketing goals!

Custom Trade Show Displays

A tradeshow is an opportunity to engage with future clients alongside existing ones. Successful trade show exhibits maximize foot traffic and genuinely engage your target market. As a leading designer and builder of custom trade show booths Blazer understands the importance of booth design for attracting visitors to engage with your in face-to-face discussions at your exhibit booth. We focus on attracting visitors to your booth by using exceptionally designed large formatted graphics, eye-catching trade show displays, and innovative lighting techniques, along with multimedia capabilities.

Thinking about marketing your company through a trade show? Are you hesitant as your business already has a good clientele, and wonder if the trade show is worth the expense? Well, trade shows are not only easy to conduct but are also one of the most rewarding business marketing approaches. In fact, no other form of outbound marketing can beat the ROI it generates.

Exhibit Examples

Still not sure if a trade show should be on your radar? Well, these 5 benefits should convince you that it is indeed the perfect place to market your company’s goods and services!


Meet new customers and strengthen bonds with existing customers

Lets you personally meet and connect with prospective customers instead of speaking over the phone. They get to know and want to connect with you.
While some people may buy something from you at the trade show, those who didn’t at least expand your database of sales leads!


Learn about your industry

With so many other companies exhibiting their wares at trade shows, you can learn about your competition and the latest industry developments. So send not only your marketing staff but also your technical staff to the trade show too to attend presentations and keep updated on new technologies.


Expand your supply chain

You don’t just find competitors, you may also find some prospective vendors at the trade show that can expand your supply chain and help your business grow.


Higher chances of closing deals

It’s easier convincing customers and closing deals at trade shows as they are at the trade show looking for good deals. Convincing over the phone may be difficult as they may be preoccupied with other things.


Build your brand

A trade show is an environment where both you and your larger competitors fight for the same customers. This helps strengthen your brand by positioning you as a leader in your industry. All it takes is the right exhibit displays to attract customers and build your brand.

Different Trade Show Booth Displays

Trade show booths come in various shapes, sizes, and functionality. Knowing about these 6 main types of available displays help you choose the right display.

Panel Exhibit

A portable option that turns into a solid looking wall. It’s usually used as a table-top exhibit but may also be used as your booth’s back wall.

Tension Fabric Exhibit

Stretch large fabric graphics between aluminum poles and extrusions. Though they are perfect as your booth’s back wall, they can be customized for different purposes.

Pop-up Exhibit

A portable and cheaper exhibit option to use as graphic murals for displaying specific messages.

Truss Designs

Best for larger booths and come in various designs. They can be customized to fit any allotted space and hang displays. It’s large graphics ensure they stand out at trade shows.

Hybrid Booths

Usually combine more than one trade show booth design feature like a metal structure, counters, panels, graphics and more. They are easily customized and give you more value for money.

Banner Stands

Not exactly booth designs but are retractable and draw attention.

custom trade show and convention booth displays, Blazer Exhibits
custom trade show and convention booth displays, Blazer Exhibits

Best Exhibit Traits

With so many exhibit displays and trade show booth designs to choose from, it’s better consulting an expert to help you make the right choice. You get the best advice from the most experienced and able exhibit display company carrying the following traits:

Many reputable companies have their own websites. Check out their portfolio of exhibits, price rates, learn all about their services and send an online query.

It’s also worth attending a trade show to find out what your options are, and don’t forget to ask the booth staff with interesting exhibits for the name of the company they use.

While some trade show displays companies just design and produce the booth, look for those that help in other ways like shipping, staffing and creating promotional literature.

Find out how experienced the company is.

Check references from existing and past customers.

Don’t forget to find out if the company is available when you need them, and if they fit your budget. Compare notes on all prospective companies to finally select a preferred company to work with.

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