Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Using Blazer Exhibits to design and build your custom trade show exhibit is the first step to your most successful trade show ever. See how we can exceed your expectations.

Why Custom Trade Show Displays and Exhibits?

Exhibit Display Ideas

Tradeshows offer a tremendous opportunity to meet prospects, build relationships and strengthen your brand — if you can manage to make your booth stand out from the rest in a memorable way. Blazer Exhibits & Events offers you the option to create a custom trade show booth and keep it, store it with us for later use, or even rent a custom trade show display. Any of these options from Blazer will allow you to make an unforgettable impression on attendees.

Our innovative trade show exhibits stand out because we know how to make them unique to your company and we constantly come up with innovative ideas. It’s a combination of your company colors, your designs and logo, a feel for what sets your product or service apart, and the use of custom lighting, interactive screens, and other electronics to draw a crowd.

Not sure you can afford to rent a custom trade show exhibit? Even if you’re on a limited budget, our professional exhibit display design team can create a dazzling display using used booths. Of course, the best way to be sure your exhibit truly reflects your company and its vision is to have a custom trade show display customized for you. But if you need an exhibit booth on a budget, don’t hesitate to ask Blazer Exhibits for a quote.

Whichever option you choose for your trade show booth rental, Blazer’s designers will make sure they fully understand your company’s vision, your brand, your products, and what ideas benefits you before they make the first sketch. Contact us today to discuss how our new trade show displays can help you enjoy more engagement with attendees and a healthier ROI on your exhibits spending.

Custom Exhibit Designs

Finding the Perfect Custom Trade Show Booth And Display Rental For Your Exhibition

Attending a tradeshow gives you an exposure to different areas and aspects as to what the tradeshow feature is. It depends on the event and the season of the tradeshow where you can explore and meet more people to be your prospects and connections. Either you come as one of the crowd looking for a supplier or just a simple on-looker a custom trade show booths will definitely catch your attention and wanted to hurry to approach what is their product, how does the display went or merely giveaways.

Owning a trade show booth makes you stand out as it builds up the presence of your product and your brand. A kind of branding booth that everyone will look forward to seeing on the next exhibit.


  • Quality – You must consider the workmanship of your supplier who you will ask to do your booth and the tight budget should not affect your need for a quality exhibit. It is not about just the name but the quality of work they do and how they present themselves according to the feedback of previous clients. 
  • Experience and Knowledge – Find and research from different clients who have done their booth design. Know the company profile and their proficiency level in doing the job right in terms of quality and how long they have been doing it in various rental exhibit booths. Check their previous concept designs and their new ideas when you meet them if it will satisfy your imagination and create an impact on your branding. 
  • Functionality and Flexibility – You are expecting that your booths will stand out and build an impact to clients who will see it in the exhibit. You have to consider too the functionality of your booth in order for you to work around and make use of every part of its cubbyholes or display racks. You must collaborate with the designer of the booth and present to them the kind of perspective you want to have and show. You may also ask for suggestions and their great ideas hence they have been in the industry of creating custom booths. 
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Do not be afraid to ask for quotation and allow them to know your budget according to the kind of booth you would like to have. Owning your own tradeshow booth will be useless and worthless even how amazing it is if you cannot afford to get it on the show floor. 
  • Customer Service – Finding the right exhibit company to cater your needs and be able to brain storm with the kind of booth you would like to carries your branding will definitely mark your spot in the exhibit. You want to work with the company that welcomes client input and recommendations, is essential in making your exhibit purchase a positive and enriching experience.  Ask for client referrals, or call current customers to get feedback. 

Being able to stand out to attendees of the event in the midst of a busy, loud space among hundreds of other exhibitors is the key to meeting your objectives for the event. Customization is extremely important when exhibiting at an event. However, if you want complete control over the customization and branding of your display, you may be better off buying a custom trade show exhibits at a conference. Invest if you want to maximize your branding at the trade show. When taking your business to an exhibition, the goal is to promote it to the best of your ability. The best way to accomplish this is by having a custom booth design. The reasons listed above are just a few of the benefits associated with an innovative booth design. Conventions are a great place to get your business noticed. However, if you really want to stand out, using a custom trade show booth design key. There are many businesses at a convention, so in order to get noticed, you must stand out from the crowd. 

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Booth Display Rentals

Why Build Branded Custom Exhibits? 

  • Unique – Choosing a custom trade show booth design will show your uniqueness to all that are gathered at the event, before they even meet you. If your booth looks like all the rest, chances are, your business will be lost in the crowd. What better way to say that your business is great amongst hundreds or sometimes thousands of attendees is that if you stand out. 
  • Color – Attractive color that carries your company branding will make you stand out even from a far and will totally caught attendee’s eyes.  Will be able to have the colors, and designs of your business throughout all of your products and your booth. 
  • Return: displaying your business at a custom booth greatly increases the chances of a return on your investment. Whatever money you have invested in bringing your business to an expo, you have a greater chance of getting back. 

Working with Blazer Exhibits & Events to craft your custom trade show booth will definitely create the brand impression you want everyone to see and remember. Blazer Exhibits & Events extends its expertise in building custom trade show booths to clients who want to make a difference in the market and stand out. Work with our design team to brainstorm the kind of booth you want for your company that will carry your brand forward.  

Blazer Exhibits & Events will bring you and your company to a different level of marketing exhibit display with the built of its experience. Call us now and get better ideas +1-408-263-7000 or leave your message in the form below and we’ll follow-up promptly.