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The Natural Products Expo West (or Expo West, as you might know it) is one of the top trade shows in the USA. If you’re interested in exhibiting or just attending this quality trade show, you can get most of your questions answered right here! 

What is Expo West? 

Expo West is a trade show that focuses on the retail ecosystem and high-integrity consumer packaged goods (CPG). Much like the name suggests, natural products are what this expo is about. There are many opportunities to create joy, health, and even justice for the world. And all of that can be done with care for our planet in mind. 

The expo brings awareness and education to the topic of regenerating our planet. Expo West coordinates with Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace to make this event happen. The producers of the event are New Hope Network, partnering with NBJ, NEXT, and NFM to make the event a success. 

What Can Expo West Attendees Expect? 

While there are similar trade shows out there, none of them really compare to Expo West. In fact, Tradeshow Week ranked Expo West nearly at the top in a comparison of 200 trade shows throughout the US. 

The trade show focuses on natural products, so attendees should expect to see healthy, organic, and natural ingenuity across the board. It’s a massive event with a wide variety of exhibitors and tons of attendees to network with. 

This space sports more than 1 million square feet dedicated to the expo. As an attendee, these are some of the things you will see or have available:

  • 70,000+ attendees across the industry
  • Multiple educational sessions
  • Early morning yoga classes
  • Enjoyable evenings on the plaza
  • Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace
  • Tons of new products and ideas
  • A wide variety of exhibitors
  • Keynote speakers
  • The Hall of Legends

If you are a potential exhibitor, you can expect the following from Expo West: 

  • In-person meetings with potential buyers
  • New products and brand awareness
  • Endless networking opportunities
  • Visual access to trends and innovation
  • Trade and consumer press interactions
  • Boost your presence
  • Opportunity to build and strengthen relationships

Highlights of Expo West in 2023

Planning for this event requires that you be aware of the details and book ahead of time! These are the highlight details: 

  • Expo West is scheduled for March 7-11, 2023
  • Located at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA
  • More than 2,700 exhibitors on location
  • Events include keynote speaker, education classes, early morning yoga, Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace, pitch slam, Evenings on the Plaza, awards ceremony, and more
  • There are several speakers, including an influential keynote speaker. In addition, there are several opportunities for education.

Why You Should Exhibit at Expo West

As a business or exhibitor, this is a prime opportunity to be seen by massive amounts of people. Why you should exhibit has everything to do with the ability to network and to get your name out there. 

The top reason to exhibit here is simply that it’s the largest exhibition of its kind, and the expo takes place on more than 1 million square feet of property. Imagine how many people you can meet. 

With more than 70,000 attendees, and thousands of exhibitors, it’s the ultimate location to connect, network, and hone in on opportunity. You can meet with current customers, make new contacts, and connect with other minds within the industry. 

This trade show could lead to new buyers, new distributors, new investors, or even a prime opportunity to launch new products. You can build brand awareness and engage with others in the industry. 

Rent an Expo West Trade Booth from Blazer Exhibits

Purchasing a custom trade show booth outright can be incredibly expensive. Not all businesses are able to do so, and some of them simply don’t want to mess with it. If this sounds like you, then renting an Expo West trade show booth is likely a much better fit. 

There are many good reasons to rent a booth, one of the top ones being that you don’t have to worry about any of the hassles. We do all that worrying for you so that you can focus on your customers. 

Every rental booth is tailored to your business needs, from design to set up, and everything in between. 

Why rent a custom trade show booth? Here are a few top reasons. 


When you rent a booth, everything is adjustable. Nothing is set in stone or permanent. This booth is flexible, which allows you to make changes for each show as needed. And you don’t have to own the booth to do it! 

You can try new things, add more elements, or even remove things that simply don’t appeal to you. Perhaps at one show, you needed something specific but didn’t care for it. At the next show, you can remove or adjust that piece of the design. 

Lots of Options

There was a time when booth rentals were “blah.” You got everyone else’s leftovers, or items that weren’t “gently used.” You could tell it was a rental. Some companies are unfortunately still like that. 

But we aren’t! 

When you rent a trade show booth exhibit, you can choose from a variety of options. This design can still be customized to your needs and will look like you bought a high-dollar exhibit. 

A Turnkey Experience

Have you ever thought about the “minor” details of owning an exhibit? Things like: where will this get stored, how can you ship it to your shows, and who will set it up or tear it down? 

These are important details to prepare for. With a rental exhibit, you don’t have to worry about these details. We do all of that for you. In addition, you don’t have to figure out repairs, updates, or other parts of caring for and owning a booth. 


While there are times when it might not be as cost-effective to rent a booth, in most cases, renting is the most ideal solution for preparing for trade shows and making sure you are presenting the very best while you are there. 

Think about details like shipping, setup, conforming to exhibitor requirements, etc. Renting gives you all these things for less. It’s great for tighter budgets. 

Save Time and Resources

Your time is important. When you’re prepping for a trade show, your focus is on making client contacts and attracting new people. It can take a ton of time to prepare a trade show booth and be able to make the most of the situation for contacts. 

How do you juggle both? You rent a booth so that you don’t have to worry about the exhibit details themselves. You’re boosting your bottom line, and hopefully amping yourself up to do really well at your event. 

Get Your Expo West Trade Show Booth Rental from Blazer Exhibits & Events

Creating a trade show exhibit can be overwhelming and expensive. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A trade show booth rental is a great way to have a phenomenal exhibit without the extra costs. And the best part is that we handle all the details. This includes design, creation, shipping, maintenance, and more. 

Blazer Exhibits & Events has been handling trade shows just like this one for more than 35 years. We’re dedicated to providing custom solutions for every trade show need. Contact us today to discuss your options and get a plan in place.

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