Island Booth Trade Show Display

Using Blazer Exhibits to design and build your custom island booth trade show display is the first step to your most successful trade show ever. See how we can exceed your expectations.

Attending a variety of trade shows and expos is a great way to get your business seen and heard. It’s a valuable way to make connections and meet new people. When you attend these events, you need to have a unique and eye-catching setup. 

Creating and designing an island booth display can be a challenge. Leave it up to the experts at Blazer Exhibits to help you prepare a stellar island booth display for your trade shows and conferences. 

Island Booth Display

What is an island booth display? 

An island booth display is designed to give you visibility from all sides. This type of booth space is rented at a premium to trade show exhibitors as they are often larger than other booth spaces, and located in high traffic areas of the convention floor plan. An island booth is a free standing booth with aisles on all four sides to allow for the maximum amount of visitor traffic. Island booth displays are created with this traffic flow in mind, and the goal of this type of display is to ensure that you have maximum visibility and appeal from all sides. 

So if you’re in the center of a room and people are walking past from any direction, they will notice your booth. They don’t have to walk to just one specific area to be able to see valuable information about who you are and what your brand represents.

What are the different island booth display layouts? 

There are several different types of island booth displays, all of which have the same overall goal of giving you visibility from all angles. You can choose the layout style that you feel will be the best fit for you at any given event. 

These are the three primary layout styles:

  • Axis Layout
  • Presenter Layout
  • Double Deck Exhibits

Let’s look at each of these in more detail. 

Axis Layout

The axis island booth display layout utilizes a central axis point and then revolves the entire design around that axis. This style has an open floor plan that allows you to place parts of the booth design at different points around the axis. You can add different elements to the design to share multiple products or services in your space. 

The space is open and people can see the varying aspects or just wander around the display without feeling closed in or trapped. Since those visual aids are near exterior corners, leaving open space, it leaves plenty of room for client interaction as well. 

Presenter Layout

This type of layout is really all about the presentation. The presenter layout assumes you will have an audience and need some sort of key presentation appeal. The focal point of the display is around the presentation piece and supporting visuals that complement the presentation space. 

This type of layout has space for the audience viewing the presentation, visuals and displays, and room for consulting with potential clients. 

Once you get someone inside this type of exhibit, you have a bit of control. However, this setup can be a bit more expensive and sometimes feel more limited in overall space. 


Island Booth Display Presenter Layout

Double Deck Exhibits

Sometimes you just need to go big or go home. That’s what double deck exhibits are all about. These spectacular island booth displays are two-story exhibits. Rather than building out and taking up limited ground space, these displays build up to bring more overall space to the exhibit. 

In most cases, the grand design keeps everything open to attract and engage with new people in the lower levels of the exhibits. Any presentations, showcasing, and similar things will be here. The upper level might have lounging space or perhaps even private rooms for meeting and conferencing with people. 

These stand out because of the additional level, but they can still be compact in size, fitting into spaces as small as 20×20. 

What is a split island booth display? 

A split island booth display is slightly different from a traditional island display. This style is meant to back up to a wall or another booth. Rather than having maximum visibility from all four sides, it’s going to be open on three sides. 

This is an ideal style if your booth is going to back up against another booth. It adds versatility as you can expand on your own island booth with an additional split island display. 

What are the benefits of island booth displays? 

If you’ve ever attended a trade show or an expo of any kind, you know that you need some way to stand out from competitors. There are many exhibitors packed into a finite space, and it’s up to you to define your space and draw people in. 

Island booth displays are extremely flexible, allowing you to manipulate and adjust the design to fit into a space, particularly if you find your space limited. 

Here are the top benefits you can appreciate from an island booth display: 

  • Versatility in functionality and layout
  • Room for expansion as needed or desired
  • Ability to establish lighting that is just right for the booth space
  • Share logos and branding visuals
  • More room with your display to make it more inviting to people

You have extensive customization options here. Remember, there are several different layouts and your island booth display can even be moved around and adjusted from one show to another. 

How are island booth displays different from other types of exhibits? 

Not all trade shows or expos are the same. Smaller shows might have smaller spaces where you are more limited in what you can do. However, you still need to set up your space to make an impact on visitors at the show. 

An island booth display offers things that most other types of booths simply don’t provide. There are both pros and cons to consider. Here are some of the primary differences in an island display versus another type of display:

  • Higher level of visibility, so if someone is looking for your booth, they might actually be able to find you! 
  • The overall design and setup will have a professional look to it that will impress those around you. 
  • The design is incredibly versatile, with tons of different options for layout and setup each time you use the exhibit. 
  • You can plan to have open access to your display from at least three sides, making it more open and spacious by design. 
  • Island booth displays need to be designed and planned ahead of time. While the pieces are interchangeable, there is still a process for planning and designing the pieces to be used in your display.
  • It’s quite possible you will need to hire your designing company to also help with setup. You will need additional staff at the booth to be available as well. This could increase your costs. 
  • An island booth display can provide open engagement opportunities as well as private space. Consider the double deck exhibits or even the other layouts that provide a consultation area. 
  • The costs can add up quickly because you’re having a large display customized to you. In addition, you might have rental fees, setup costs, and more. The cost is well worth it, but it’s something to keep in mind. 

This is one of the most versatile and visible booth styles you will find. 

How to Choose the Right Island Booth Display for Your Company

It is important to plan ahead when using an island booth display. Chances are you will need time for the design to be created and then put together by your exhibit team. Take a look at these tips to help you choose your display: 

Know Your Space

Different trade shows and expos have different limitations on space. And then there’s the chance you might get stuck backed up against a wall. However, you can still tailor to your space. When you sign up for a trade show, be sure to look at the specifications of the space you have to work with and whether there are any restrictions or limitations you need to be aware of. Then, create the booth within those requirements. 

Consider Privacy

One element you need to keep in mind is privacy. While you certainly want to have open and welcoming space, there may be times that privacy is vital for working with or impressing a client. Designs like the double deck exhibit allow you to add a conference room. You can also add consultation and private areas in other designs. Just be sure you have some sort of designated area for when privacy is needed. 

Layout Planning

Remember that you have three different layout options and they each have unique appeals. Choose your layout based on what you plan to showcase and accomplish at your trade shows. For example, do you have a presentation that is the core of your business? Then a presentation layout might be ideal. If you want open space and plenty of room, an axis layout could be great. The double deck also offers more space and a larger framework for various needs. 

Building a Private Conference Room in Your Booth Display

A primary goal when heading to a trade show is to connect and network. But it also could be a great opportunity to “seal the deal” with prospective customers. Businesses and high-profile clients won’t want to conduct all of their business out in the open. 

Sometimes discretion and privacy are necessary. While your goal is networking and visibility, you also will likely have the need for privacy in your booth at times. This is where a private conference room is a must. This space doesn’t have to be large. In fact, you can use the double deck or you can even use the central axis point to accomplish this goal. Private conference rooms allow you to make exclusive presentations, have discreet conversations, and afford privacy when needed. 

What are the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show? 

If you have not yet started exhibiting at trade shows, it’s time to consider doing so. This is one of the most advantageous expenditures you can make to benefit your business. These events are about meeting new people, gathering new information, and engaging and growing your clientele base. If nothing else, you will make valuable new contacts. 

Check out these top reasons to exhibit at a trade show. It’s worth considering. 

  • Make new viable connections that could convert to new business. 
  • Engage with existing clients and continue building relationships.
  • Stay engaged in the industry with the opportunity to learn and innovate. 
  • Use your private space to close deals that are in process or with new customers. 
  • Build your brand with visibility and connections. 
  • Get inspiration from other brands and companies at shows. 
  • Create new leads and strategies. 

Concluding Thoughts

Attending a trade show does require some preparation. An island booth display is a great way to ensure you have the most visibility and opportunity for those attending the show. 
Give Blazer Exhibits a call to find out more about designing and creating your island booth display for the ultimate trade show setup.


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