Trade Show Booth Hacks to Stand Out from Competitors

Trade Show Booth Hacks to Stand Out from Competitors Banner

In order to stay on top of your competition, your trade show booth should have an exceptional design that will draw attention to your company. With literally, hundreds or even thousands of other exhibitors on the trade show floor clamoring for the same attention, standing out from the crowd becomes an intricate task.

Visibility and attractiveness become your prime goals to get potential customers and acquire new leads. Some businesses may opt for a more conservative approach in their trade show booths but those who throw safety out of the window have a higher rate of success. These trade show booth hacks will help you stand out from competitors and generate more revenue.

Let people know who you are

It is easy to get caught up in the glamour of graphics, pictorials and a lot of literature on your booth but without saying who you exactly are, what you are offering and why someone should buy from you all that effort is wasted. It is a good idea to have an appealing presentation, but saying who you are is what will make or break your deals.

Keep the design simple and uncluttered

Simplicity is always easy to remember even after the event is over. Aside from a beautifully designed booth, you should consider a simple layout that is uncluttered as well as proper placement of your products and merchandise. This increases your visibility from afar which attracts clients to your booth.

Pay attention to your design and branding

Your specific niche or industry follows certain guidelines when it comes to the design of your display booth. For example, the health industry generally utilizes plain bright colors with minimal writing to represent purity and cleanliness. You want the colors and design language to reflect your brand and emphasize your brand message. This is where custom trade show booths become useful in conveying your message. Our expert team will analyze your business needs and deliver exhibit designs to meet your every need.

Make good use of technology

The use of technology in trade shows cannot be ignored. Digital graphics are becoming an integral part of your trade show display. The creative use of technology can help you outsmart your peers and magnetize the crowd to your space. The use of LED screens and video presentations combined with other visual elements are sure to create a buzz and provide the opportunity to turn attendees into clients.

Use bright color combinations and images

The visual aspect of your trade show booth is the first thing that attendees will look at. In a floor filled with others seeking the same attention, you can employ bright and bold colors to stand out. However, the colors that you choose should be in harmony with your brand. Additionally, the use of fascinating and big images of your products will help create a strong visual appeal. Use easy-to-read text that is not squeezed in a small space.  

Create a hierarchy

The placement of products within the booth should be attractive and attention-grabbing. This can be achieved by varying the height of different products and using a creative way to display them. For example, you can use stand up props instead of laying them flat on the table. This creates a specific focus, especially on new products.

Employing these trade show booth hacks will give you the edge against the competition in the coming trade show events. Our dedicated team can help you choose from multiple custom trade show booths design to meet your marketing goals.

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