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Why the trade show booth in Houston, TX became a big part at the 2017 Energy Drone Coalition Summit? 

Houston, Texas, a one of a kind summit successfully concluded the 2017 Energy Drone Coalition Summit – June 20-21, 2017. With over 300 attendees from the a number of companies including the big players such as Duke Energy, Westar Energy, Exxon Mobil and many more. This is the only event that is focused on the business and technology of drones/UAVs. Their main agenda for this year is to improve efficiency, safety and operations of UAVs. With the growing demand of drone operators in the energy industry worldwide, they see the need to pioneer in establishing standards and security of the equipments and human alike.

Some of the major topics to be discussed 

  • How are UAVs being used safely today in energy operations?
  • What are the business cases and key metrics that energy companies are using for drones?
  • How is risk management being handled by energy companies and drone operators of UAVs?
  • How to establish quality SOP (standard operating procedure)  and current certification standards to ensure compliance and success in UAV operations.
  • How are the energy companies who utilize drones for inspection, mapping and surveying, projects building their business case for unmanned technology?
  • Public acceptance and trust , risk perception and privacy challenges and solutions.

What are the similarities of drone operation and blazer exhibits?(

Several factors are similar for the two entirely different industries.

  1. They provide high quality of service to the customers
  1. They are very creative in the presentation of their product, like this trade show booth in Houston TX. Companies are impressed with the outcome of the entire event hall.
  1. They ensure safety not only to the customers but also to the tradeshow attendees who will be dropping by during the summit.
  1. They plan ahead. Several months before the big event, various planning sessions are happening. To ensure that they can deliver the best orders to the clients.
  1. They provide training for their human resources. More than the equipments, individuals who will be in-charge are very important to the success of the project. All projects are considered big and major event.
  1. They continue to innovate with the advanced technologies that might be useful for their future clients.
  1. They are unique. With the production of the Houston trade show displays during the previously concluded summit, Blazer Exhibits( yet made another milestone.

The 30 supportive sponsors surely received their pay off at the Energy Drone Coalition Summit, as they get face-to-face with leading energy drone operators and asset owners who are using and will use UAVs in their future projects. The promotional campaign of the organizers to the global marketing channels that includes leading media partners in both UAV and energy industries.

With the team up of these two big time companies, the summit is certainly an event to look forward to in the coming years. For details of the previous summit, please visit

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