Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas: Affiliate Summit East 2017

Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas: Affiliate Summit East 2017 Banner

Early next year, more than 6,000 digital marketers will gather from all parts of the world in Las Vegas, NV for the performance marketing industry’s premier global event, Affiliate Summit West 2018. This is a major event and as early as now, trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas are preparing for it by joining the most awaited Affiliate Summit East 2017 that will be held in New York. The said event will be held on July 30 – August 1 this year at the New York Mariott Marquis and will be attended by over 5,500 digital marketers from all over the world. It will be an event that will be attended by online publishers, bloggers, traffic sources, retailers, networks, technology firms, digital agencies and other solution providers. 
Experienced and successful companies, such as Blazer Exhibits, will be sure to be part of both events. Putting up custom trade show displays will be an easy task for the company because of the years of experience they have. As a company offering assistance in setting up and managing custom trade show displays, here are a few tips they can share to help anyone who wants to join an exhibit and put up their own booth: 
1. Standout and be noticed. You have to draw attention to yourself when you put up your display booth. Choose the right location where people will immediately notice you. Adding colors will make attendees be aware of your presence. If possible all sides of your display area should be branded so people will know the company you are representing. 
2. Be sure to interact with the attendees. The staff manning your booth should be knowledgeable, presentable and approachable. Thousands of people are going to the event, your staff will play a pivotal role in making the event a success and gaining more customers for your company. Attendees are very critical when it comes to getting the information they need about a product or service a company offers. If you have skilled staff manning your area, that interaction will turn into a guaranteed sale. 
3. Let participants experience the products or services. Most attendees in these events have purchasing power. Before they even go to trade shows, they already have ideas of what they want to buy. Let them try your products and help them decide that what you are offering is what they need. It only takes a little nudge to convince these customers to buy something from you. 
4. Make yourself memorable. Aside from the delightful experience, your staff can offer, giving out freebies with your company information won’t even be a dent in your company’s finances. Souvenir items, especially those that are useful and handy, will help your company be remembered by customers. 
5. Connections. Customers and even your competitors will attend the same events. Make sure that you keep all the information you will get from anyone you meet in the event. This is also a perfect chance for your company to scope the competition and know what your next plan of action is to surpass them. These connections will help you, especially if you have promotions in the future that will be offered to a lot of people. 
These are just a few tips you can follow if you want to join a trade show event soon. If setting up displays is your Waterloo, worry no more! You can get all the help you need from an expert company like Blazer Exhibits & Events.

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