Trade Show Spotlight: Dreamforce

Trade Show Spotlight: Dreamforce Banner

If it’s cloud, it’s at Dreamforce in San Francisco from October 13-16. The expo is hosted by, the company Forbes gave the honor of world’s most innovative company for four years straight. If you’re in an industry relying on the cloud, you’ll find great value in attending Dreamforce, no matter what size your company is.

The expo is designed to help you grow your business, and offers over 1,400 seminars to ensure businesses of all kinds and sizes are represented. When you’re not in one of the many seminars, walk around the thousands of tradeshow exhibits to see solutions that can work for your business if you’re looking for a trade show booth rental in San Francisco.

What’s There?

Check out the cloud expos, tradeshow booths featuring live product demos and solutions offered by over 350 cloud-computing vendors. Everything is innovative and exciting, and the best part – you’re sure to find a solution that will work for your business, no matter the industry!

Head to Salesforce Campground to see what Salesforce is offering – try Salesforce products and solutions firsthand with numerous interactive demos at various tradeshow exhibits, allowing you to see how new features work right there on the show floor, and with which devices it will work. The area is divided into three sections. The first, the Product Showcase, will allow you to see all Salesforce products available to you and what they can bring to your business. The second Customer Showcase features companies who actively use Salesforce products in their tradeshow booths, explaining why they are an integral part of great customer service. Lastly, the Industry Showcase highlights Salesforce industry solutions.

Keynotes and Sessions

There will be many notable speakers discussing the value Salesforce brings them. Besides the chairman and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Banoff, there will be keynotes from Neil Young, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Will.I.Am, Jeremy Stoppelman, Anthony Robbins, and Al Gore to name a few.

The real value of this expo, besides all of the cloud vendors with tradeshow exhibits to peruse, is the offering of sessions. You can find just about any topic, which means that anyone from any industry can find something tailored to needs and interests.

Choose from titles like ‘10 Best Practices to manage Digital Marketing Technology and Innovation,’ A Founder’s Journey to Success with,’ ‘Build Your Army of One: Using Marketing Automation with Limited Resources,’ ‘Commerce, Content, and Communities Roundtable,’ ‘Data Management: It’s a Journey not a Destination,’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Fundraising‘ to name a scant few out of over 1,400.

There will be one-on-one design consultations (registration is required), allowing you to sit with one of Salesforce’s User Experience team members to get help designing an app to suit your company, as well as code consultations that allow you to get help coding your apps. If it’s personal growth you’re worried about, schedule a career assessment – you’ll learn ways to stay ahead of the crowd skill-wise. All of these one-on-one sessions must be booked in advance.

Get Certified

In between browsing tradeshow exhibits and taking sessions, don’t miss your chance to get Salesforce Certified! You’ll learn the ins and outs of setting up Salesforce, and everything you need to know about security, customization, and managing users. If you’ve already been Salesforce Certified, you can take the Salesforce Administration for Experienced Administrators to delve even deeper into the product.

There will also be classes on using Reports and Dashboards, as well as what you need to know as an administrator regarding the cloud and customer service. Wondering about coding, but don’t know a thing about it? Take ‘Getting Started with Object-Oriented Programming Using Apex for Non-Developers.’ There is also a version offered for those with programming experience.

If Salesforce is an integral part of your business, or if you plan on integrating Salesforce at some point into your business model, this expo is a must-attend.

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