Trade Shows Are A Visual Affair

Trade Shows Are A Visual Affair Banner

When you first walk onto the show floor of a large expo, you can often be struck by all of the visual information that floods into your brain. You can even experience a temporary visual over-stimulation until your eyes adjust to all of the bright lights, the intricate exhibit design and they flashy display graphics that seem to adorn every surface. The largest trade shows like CES (consumer electronics) are often even more overwhelming. But, these designers have figured one thing out: it’s the visuals that draw people in.

It’s All About The Design

And exhibit design has certainly come a long way. The design itself has evolved into ever more intricate and aesthetically pleasing forms. And, more than that, the materials that form the structures have become more durable, more lightweight and more affordable. Add to this the ever-increasing adoption of modular design and you have a situation where, for most of the trade show industry, if you can think it, dream it or design it–you can build it. This makes for some truly amazing custom exhibit pieces, which include such things as multiple floor exhibits, elaborate sprawling pieces that include both hanging complements and floor pieces and interactive design that puts the attendees in direct control of their experience.

Altogether, the trade show industry has itself become a showroom for some of the most innovative graphic and industrial design. Your high-level custom exhibit today will feature impressive architectural design, graphic design (display graphics), interactive exhibit design, performance art and more. Nearly every aspect of the art and design world has infiltrated into the trade show sector, in order to provide a more interesting and engaging experience for attendees. The biggest companies are constantly attempting to one-up each other with visual design pieces to draw attendee attention away from their competitors.

A Visual Affair

Trade shows are truly a visual affair. And, although the visual experience is only part of the show, it is the primary means with which companies draw in curious visitors to demonstrate their products and services, while telling their brand story. Elaborate display graphics, custom exhibit designs and more are all used as a kind of siren song that is designed to attract as much attention as possible. You really can’t help but be impressed by the heights to which exhibit design has reached in this never-ending competition for eyes and attention.

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