Trade Shows Continue To Grow In Popularity

Trade Shows Continue To Grow In Popularity Banner

Despite all of the concerns that people have about trade shows (they’re expensive, it’s difficult to know how to get the most out of them etc.) the number and size of trade shows across America continues to grow. Most of the major expos have been setting attendance records each year as they blast the previous records out of the park. Trade show booths continue to provide one of the best chances that a company has for promoting their products, services and their brand within the industry and to the general public.

Many of the largest expos continue to grow not just in attendance numbers, but also in the number of exhibitors and the total amount of trade show floor space that they are exhibiting in. Trade show booths themselves have continued to evolve to become more interactive, more versatile (through modular design and the use of lightweight materials) and also better designed.

Trends like the growing popularity of display rentals are helping to keep trade shows not just affordable but also a smart choice in terms of marketing and promotion for all sizes of companies, not just the largest and most successful.

The larger expos that are open to the public have become very popular destinations as there isn’t much that American consumers like more than a show, except a show where you can see new types of products and services which is exactly the type of thing on display at the various trade show booths in most major expos. There certainly are a lot of different products and other things on display at these shows and since many are free (if they’re open to the public) and include all kinds of other various activities, they have become a popular activity for many Americans.

The popularity of trade shows doesn’t just come from the fun that they can provide for consumers, however. It is also from all of the myriad benefits that expos provide for businesses, from a marketing platform to lead generation to trainings and professional development. Combine all of this together and it’s not difficult to see why trade shows continue to grow in popularity. The growing numbers of display rentals and other trade show booths that dot the show floor are physical evidence that trade shows are getting bigger and better each year.

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