Train Trade Show Staff To Maximize Impact With Your Trade Show Booth

Train Trade Show Staff To Maximize Impact With Your Trade Show Booth Banner

Although we are tradeshow display designers, we will be the first to tell you that the best design in the world is not the only thing that you need when you are exhibiting at your next trade show. As always, the staff and the employees that you have working the booth are going to be a huge determinant in just how much you can get out of your next trade show. In terms of maximizing your trade show ROI, putting some time into training your staff can go a very long way to helping you network more effectively, generate leads and effectively promote your trade show booth and your company.

Trade Show Staff TrainingSo, let’s start with selecting your trade show booth staff. Once you know that you will be exhibiting at a show you should be on the lookout for the best employees whom you feel would represent your company well. Start the process of identifying promising individuals 6 months or so prior to exhibiting.

You want to choose a diverse group of individuals who are outgoing, personable and knowledgeable about your brand. You also will want those who have that magnetic personality that everyone seems to love to be around. Last, but absolutely not least, you want staff who are passionate about what they do and love working at your company.

After finding your rockstars, you will need to put each of them through a little training. It’s best to do this little-by-little in the run-up to the trade show itself, so they are all ready to knock it out of the park when they are working the tradeshow display at the event. A weekly class that goes for a couple months prior to the show (with a couple week break beforehand to relax and prepare) is ideal.

If you have someone with considerable trade show experience, you could utilize them as an instructor, or you could hire someone from outside. Don’t want to spend the money, but still want to ensure good performance out of your next trade show booth? Find out who did drama or acting in high school or college. If you can find a person who is both personable and well-versed in a bit of improvisation, you have a great potential trade show exhibitor and instructor.

The classes should be no more than 30 minutes each and should include about 15 minutes of information on the newest developments at your company and how these should be presented at the show. The last half should be just role playing. Yes, some people will grow tired of this, but it is the best way to prepare for success at the tradeshow display.

Loosen up and have some fun with it. Trade shows can be a blast and your team should (and likely will) know this. The more fun they have, the more their passion will seem genuine and the more it will rub off into a positive experience for attendees at your trade show booth

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