CISCO SYSTEMS INC is the largest networking company in the world that was founded in 1984. They are the most valuable company in 2000 with more than $500 billion market capitalization. The Founders Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner pioneered the concept of local area network being used to connect geographically disparate computers over a multiprotocol router system.


On their 27th year of CISCO LIVE, they continue to innovate events big time, merging human and electronic networking in this one of a kind event. On June 25-29, 2017, CISCO will conquer Las Vegas as they have not one but two venues to visit. Thousands of technology innovators from around the world will be present as CISCO LIVE delivers the training, education, and connections, you need to thrive in the innovative new world of digital business. Top attendees to be the IT staff, network engineers and managers of multinational companies with more than 10,000+ employees, and representation from the industries of technical services, service provider, financial services, government, healthcare, education, manufacturing. At Previous years attendees testimonials to be “The best place to meet the smartest engineers and the most brilliant brains in the networking industry”, and a very enthusiastic individual commented “It pumps me up, I love coming to Cisco Live, it reinvigorates my interest in upgrading and improving my network. Cisco lives my spirit and pumps me up for another year.”


Keynote speakers composed of 5 CISCO top executives, 4-time Emmy award winning celebrity Bryan Cranston and CBS Cybersecurity Authority Theresa Payton plus 22 other influential personalities in the digital industry. They will showcase product and service innovations, along with customer case studies, to provide dynamic, exchange of ideas that set the course for an informative and engaging week at CISCO live. Some sessions are limited so attendees are advised to pre-register. While some sessions are broadcasted online, this event will surely help aspiring IT innovators from around the globe as CISCO


To make this gathering more fruitful, exhibitors play a major role as they contribute to the vision of the event to transform your outlook, your career and your potential with 5-days of education, networking, and fun. The 300 plus partners will offer the attendees great answers to specific networking challenges and will hear unique perspective of CISCO engineers and partners. More than that, the custom trade show exhibits will surely make the floor interesting. With their upscale and custom made trade show displays, Las Vegas will be transformed into a gigantic and fascinating venue where same minds meet. Being on this event will give the exhibitors the opportunity to be face-to-face with technology’s most influential audience and generate interest, make connections, boost awareness and build relationships with the industry’s top prospects.

Keep updated and be in the loop, visit their website for more information. CISCO Live worldwide will be going to Cancun, Mexico in November 2017, Barcelona in January 2018, and Melbourne Australia in March 2018. Pumped up! It’s CISCO, LIVE!