Trend Alert: Interactive Surf Simulator To Wow The Trade Show Crowd

Trend Alert: Interactive Surf Simulator To Wow The Trade Show Crowd Banner

We talk a lot about standing out among the other exhibit booths on the trade show floor. With a multitude of exhibits and a limited amount of time given to visit them, it becomes important to set yourself apart as a “must-visit” booth. We’ve also discussed different ways to do that, whether having a giveaway, providing an expert to give a brief talk at different intervals throughout the day, and lots of hands-on experiences.

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There’s a new way some companies are becoming the hot spot of the trade show, and it’s probably quite different than any other strategy you’ve ever employed or even heard of. Companies who have put this new technology to the test with impressive results include Discovery Channel, Coca Cola, Sony entertainment, Nike, and Microsoft, to name a few. It allows attendees to let loose and have a little fun while your booth staff gets to know them, and surprisingly, it isn’t related at all to your industry. Well, unless you happen to be in the surfing industry!

Interactive Surf Simulator Events

This company provides your booth with a surf simulator, an interactive activity for your trade show booth visitors to test their skill. These computerized, water-free systems were created in Hawaii, and are sure to get the attendees talking. You’ll find that your booth will probably be the busiest one at the show! Attending a green show, or pushing the eco-friendliness of your company? They even offer various reclaimed surfboards that they repurposed to be simulators! These reclaimed surfboards are all resurfaced with fallen tree bark, newspaper, and charcoal. The software included with these eco-boards is Eco Green themed.

They’ve taken years to tweak their software so that it more effectively communicates a brand’s message, and can now easily customize the software mere days after receiving all of your brand information – logos, photos, or other items you want included in the gaming experience. What kinds of things can you include beyond logos? The game can display talking photos, spinning dimensional logos, and pop up product informational videos.

They can customize a game, or what they cleverly call an “advergame” just for your industry, or tailor it to a new product you are offering. They simply add logos, photos, or videos within the simulator that makes it seem it is your brand’s exclusively. So while the booth visitor is having a blast playing the game, they are constantly seeing your company logo or new product the entire time. Choose from different packages, all testing your visitors’ agility and balance without flinging them off to the show floor. Some of the experiences include a race to clean up the ocean, surfing 30 foot virtual waves, or challenging another surfer on-screen in a Pong-like duel.

This puts a whole new spin on customer interaction. People will surely flock to give the game a try, requesting to have their picture taken while playing, which they’ll probably post on their Facebook page, effectively exposing your brand to a broader audience than just the trade show floor allows.

Why A Surf Simulator?

You’ve probably noted that each year, you need to change the game in order to be noticed in a growing see of exhibitors. Sure, you’re doing a giveaway, but so are three-quarters of the other companies there. New and exciting ways of reaching people has become necessary, the more creative the better. I’d say this fits the bill nicely! Who hasn’t dreamed of surfing the waters of Hawaii, relaxing in the sand and enjoying the sun? Why not offer your booth visitors a brief moment of time to do just that!

The company spent the past year testing this concept out at trade shows for big names like Microsoft and Verizon. They had this crazy idea their surf simulator software would be a unique new way to expose their brand and products to a larger audience. Needless to say, their crazy idea was a huge success. They were able to expand upon their big-name portfolio, in the hopes of picking up many new clients in the years to come. Crowds just loved this surf simulator, whether or not they had surfed before.

Do You Need This In Your Booth?

While the answer to that is no, you don’t “need” it, you might want it. Think of the exposure you are giving your business. Not only are people stopping by to give it a try, they are heading out among other attendees, and will recommend others check it out as well. The word-of-mouth will bring them in, and there will certainly be those that are just passing by that will want to stop to watch someone else as they play. There will be a crowd, and that alone is the sign of a successfully engaging booth. The more engagement, the more sales.

Do you need a new way to bring customers to your trade show booth? First, contact Blazer Exhibits to review your booth design.

Would you ever consider adding an experience like this to your booth?

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