Use Ingenuity And Contrast To Stand Out At The Trade Show

Use Ingenuity And Contrast To Stand Out At The Trade Show Banner

It’s something that shouldn’t surprise anyone, but standing out at the trade show involves, you know, actually standing apart. In other words, if you want to get noticed you need to separate yourself from the rest of the exhibitors. Of course, one of the best ways to do this is through an innovative and intelligent use of exhibit design. Even the simplest table top or pop up displays can set you apart if you are able to leverage interesting design ideas.


Logistics TipsSo, how does exhibit design work to help you stand out at the trade show? Well, quite simply it starts by doing what other people aren’t. This is where it helps to hire an experienced exhibit design company. The right design will depend on your company’s goals and the trade show that you will be attending. It may mean flashy colors and display graphics, or if that is what everyone else is doing it may mean the exact opposite. Sometimes a great way to stand out and attract more attention is to create a welcoming oasis in a sea of loud and obnoxious pop up displays and exhibits.


To leverage this kind of contrasting design, you might create a plush or neutral environment that keeps attendees coming to your exhibit for refuge from the chaos of the rest of the show floor. Another interesting contrasting tactic is to use organic materials or even plant life to set yourself apart from the overwhelmingly synthetic and sterile feel of many other exhibits.


This is just one particular idea, however. To determine what is right for your specific situation, you need to get a personal consultation so that we can find out exactly what you are looking for and customize an exhibit design proposal specifically for you.


So, whether you are just looking for a few ideas or have something already in your head that you need help making a reality, don’t hesitate to call or email us here at Blazer Exhibits and Events. We specialize in working closely with clients to create a personalized and customized exhibit design that meets your precise specifications. Don’t settle for something that is mass produced and will just make you blend in with everyone else. We can make you stand out, whether it is just with pop up displays or something more.

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