Using Color In Your Trade Show Exhibit

Using Color In Your Trade Show Exhibit Banner

One of the most important facets of exhibit design is the effective use of color in your trade show exhibit. Used effectively, color can convey emotions and dictate the mood and setting of your exhibit. Used ineffectively it might cause anxiety or even draw attendees away from your trade show exhibit. That’s why it is important to know a little bit about the way that color can affect perception and emotions.

Colors are often dictated by your branding and logo design. In other words, you would do well to stick with no more than one or two color schemes based on your branding. More than this can become overwhelming and looks messy. When using color, the rule of thumb is that less is more. Not that less color should be used overall, but a relatively small amount of colors.

Of course, rules are sometimes meant to be broken and this is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes having many different colors can work well, but this is in rare cases. In most cases, it is important to really focus on a few colors that are going to be your dominant color scheme for your trade show exhibit.

So, the question then becomes: What colors should I use? Well, different colors can convey different moods and provide different settings for your exhibit. For example, bold colors can portray vitality, youth, energy and excitement. Drab colors can portray power and professionalism. Pastels are somewhere in between.

White is a powerful color which is often used in high style and to accentuate the beauty of a piece. However, it is usually accompanied by other colors that it can contrast with. Black is usually a color that you will want to use sparingly. If you make large parts of your trade show exhibit black, you may render them effectively invisible and unnoticeable, so unless this is what you are going for you should probably proceed with caution.

Color is a very important part of exhibit design. It can set the tone for your trade show exhibit and convey a range of attitudes that must be integrated into your own branding and what you are intending to convey with your trade show display.

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