What Trade Show Display Rental Options Are Available for Your Company?

What Trade Show Display Rental Options Are Available for Your Company? Banner

Renting a trade show booth is a great way to reduce your costs and lower the barrier of entry to exhibiting at a trade show, especially as a first-time exhibitor. One of the most common misconceptions about renting a booth is that it restricts your ability to customize your exhibit. In reality, there are numerous customization options available for rental trade show displays, from custom graphics to booth furniture, custom layouts and more.

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There are also many different types of rentals available, from MultiQuad modular frames that are easy to reconfigure into different layouts to simple portable booths and small kiosks. Below, we’ve listed the trade show display rental options that are available for your business, as well as the specific advantages and disadvantages of each option.


The MultiQuad Exhibit System—or MultiQuad, for short—is an exhibit system designed around a modular aluminum frame. Because it’s a modular system, MultiQuad is easy to configure into a variety of layouts, providing you with a huge degree of control over the look and feel of your exhibit. MultiQuad exhibits are our preferred option for exhibit rentals for several reasons. First, of all the exhibit rental options available to your business, MultiQuad exhibits give you the highest amount of flexibility with the design and layout of your booth. Want to expand your booth? Simple, just add more quads. Want to quickly and easily adjust the look of your display? Add more quads. Because the system is modular, it’s extremely simple to make both minor and major changes to the way your exhibit looks.

Second, the MultiQuad system supports numerous accessories, letting you customize the look and feel of your exhibit even further. Using the MultiQuad system, you can easily add furniture, countertop space and other elements to your booth. Other useful features, such as support for backlit graphics, are also included, giving you a huge level of control over how your exhibit appears throughout the event. Third, MultiQuad displays look just like customized displays. In fact, the vast majority of people that see your rented MultiQuad display will assume it’s a fully customized exhibit. Nobody will assume you’ve opted for a trade show display rental instead of a custom booth.

Finally, all of our MultiQuad rental exhibits come with our Always In Stock™ guarantee, which guarantees that the specific layout and display configuration you’re looking for will always be available for your event. In general, if you’re exhibiting for the first time (or returning to your second or third event) and want the flexibility and customization options of a full custom booth without the cost, your best choice is almost always going to be the MultiQuad Exhibit System.

 Portable Displays

An alternative to MultiQuad displays, portable displays use a variety of components, letting you create a customized booth to suit your needs. Portable displays are available in a range of sizes and can be configured to offer everything from a seated “lounge” space to a traditional booth. We can create a range of custom graphics for portable displays, making it easy for you to add your company’s branding, marketing message, and style to your exhibit. While portable displays are customizable, they don’t quite match the customization options and simplicity of MultiQuad booths. However, if you’re a first-time exhibitor looking for an affordable, flexible rental option, a portable display can often be a good choice. From a cost-effectiveness perspective, portable displays are very difficult to beat, especially if you only need a small, simple trade show booth for your business.

Trade Show Rental Kiosks

Finally, your company can also opt to take part in a trade show using a rental kiosk. Kiosks are the smallest type of display we offer, providing a small space in which your company can show off its products, services, and offers. Kiosks are ideal for small businesses that just don’t have the budget to take part in a trade show with a full-size booth. Because they’re small, these can be set up off the show floor, making kiosks a great choice for smaller shows and local events. Like MultiQuad exhibits and conventional trade show booths, kiosks are customizable, with a range of display and trade show graphic design options available for your business to choose from.

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