Why an Exhibit Rental May be the Ideal Solution for You

Why an Exhibit Rental May be the Ideal Solution for You Banner

Attending as an exhibitor at a trade show or event can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences you can invest in as a company. There are a variety of benefits to attending one of these amazing events with your booth, however, the fact is that it can be quite an intimidating undertaking if you are exhibiting for the first time.

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Getting Started

Logistically of booking all of the flights and hotels, setting meetings, planning schedules and more can be a bit overwhelming without help. And this is where tenured trade show experts can offer you the services that take the weight off your shoulder.

Even after all the logistics are covered, you may be on a shoe-string budget or can not see the value of purchasing a custom exhibit for your first show. This is the sweet spot for considering an exhibit rental.

Exhibit rentals, from the outside looking in, may seem like an opportunity wasted or effort that could have been put into a custom exhibit purchase. The truth is just the opposite. If your business does not attend expos often or exhibits infrequently a rental exhibit is exactly what you should consider. Let us offer some advice that squarely emphasizes why a rental will be ideal for you.

Learning what works for your goals

The advantages of an exhibit rental can be significant. You gain the insight of learning what works for your exhibiting space and what does not so you are not committed to a structural feature that you found less than ideal. When your next trade show comes around you will have a firm grasp of which elements are going to work for your marketing and show goals. Rental exhibits give you that unique freedom to adapt and adjust.

Showcasing a sample exhibit rental as an ideal solution for event needs.

Additionally, you are going to avoid the expense of long term storage if you do not currently have an agreement with your current exhibit house storage services. Inventory and repair are typically covered without additional cost to you, and another spectacular bonus is you can save on shipping and creation of custom crate design built specifically for your structure.

The freedom of rentals

If your company does not exhibit frequently, you might seriously consider exhibit rental as an alternative to purchasing your trade show display. This is especially true if you don’t see yourselves exhibiting at trade shows more than once a year.

All of this means that you have more convenience and freedom to do what you want and can also take advantage of cost savings that could be significant. Again, the more that you exhibit, however, the more that these advantages may be outweighed by the advantages of actually owning your display. But, for infrequent exhibitors at expos, an exhibit rental is an option you should consider!

Matt Smith has been a professional Graphic and User Experience designer for over 28 years who works closely with trade show and event companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Denver Colorado.

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