Why Lighting Is A Crucial Part Of Trade Show Design

Why Lighting Is A Crucial Part Of Trade Show Design Banner

One thing that many people seem to miss about design is that it is just as much about practicality and pragmatism as it is about creating something aesthetically appealing. Design, in other words, is about making something that does the job well. Not just making something that looks the part. One important aspect of trade show and exhibition design is the lighting that is applied to a particular exhibit or series of trade show booths. Although this has obvious implications in terms of how the design looks and ‘feels’, it also can affect the way an entire trade show booth or exhibit is perceived by attendees. This is because lighting can have profound impacts on emotional and psychological states.

The design of lighting is almost a discipline unto itself. There are even firms that specialize specifically in lighting design, though they typically work in an architectural context more than in just a trade show design context. In terms of trade show exhibition design, lighting can mean the difference between a trade show exhibit that draws attendees in and one that literally repels them. It can make trade show booths more inviting, more relaxing or simply stunning. This close emotional connection that is developed by lighting can significantly impact the degree to which attendees and visitors to trade show booths are receptive to the messages that they receive while there.

In addition, lighting can determine what aspect of your exhibit is spotlighted and what is less obviously featured. The most obvious way to do this is to take the term literally and shine bright lights on the areas that you want to draw the most attention, however most designers can use more innovative and subtle means of drawing attention to certain aspects of a trade show display which can be more effective and work on multiple levels.

In the end, lighting creates the context for much of the visual and structural aspects of exhibition design. It can make or break a good trade show design and can significantly change the focus or the ‘feeling’ of trade show booths. By using lighting effectively, trade show designers can allow your company to exhibit more effectively and make an even greater impression on attendees and visitors to your trade show booths.

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