Why Modular Design Is The Future Of Trade Show Displays

Why Modular Design Is The Future Of Trade Show Displays Banner

For those who are looking to take advantage of a full-sized trade show booth for a big impact, the advantages of modular design simply cannot be ignored. Custom displays are still popular and offer a bit more design freedom which can make they quite eye-catching, but modular design is quickly taking over in many areas. If you want to want to create a booth that provides a full space for you to better portray your brand to attendees, you will want to choose a full-sized trade show display and take advantage of the efficiencies provided by modular exhibits.

A modular exhibit provides a trade show display that is designed as separate, complementary and connecting modules. This provides efficiencies in many areas including flexibility, reconfigurability, easy of upgrades, transportation and exhibit set up.

Modular design provides these advantages because its modular components are typically made of lighter and more flexible materials, reducing weight and shipping/drayage costs. Additionally, trade show displays can be reconfigured to fit different sizes and shapes of exhibiting space. You can use a modular design to create a large, full-size big impact trade show booth that can then be downsized by only using some of the modules for shows that don’t require a big impact or when keeping the cost of exhibiting low is the overriding priority. This also simplifies exhibit set up. Cost effectiveness and portability are thus two other advantages of a modular trade show display.

Advancements in materials technology and the use of more lightweight components allow modular exhibits to be more cost-effective than their traditional custom exhibit counterparts, even before you account for their flexibility, adaptability and potential for re-use advantages. Upgrading is also easier with modular designs because the exhibit is comprised of multiple modules which can be more easily modified or upgraded without requiring the entire display to be re-done.

Although modular designs are catching up to fully-custom exhibits, for design possibilities custom trade show displays still have the edge, although many custom trade show display designs now integrate some level of modularity for all of the aforementioned reasons.

It seems that exhibitors are taking notice of the advantages offered by modular trade show booths, as well. A survey done by Tradeshow Week asked 273 leading corporate exhibitors about modular designs and 37% of respondents planned to introduce more modular designs into their lineup of exhibit offerings. This is striking compared to the fact that only 10% of respondents said they will use more custom exhibits.

It seems that modular design truly is the future. And the future is now.

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