Wow Audience at the Game Developers Expo with These Cool Custom Exhibits

Wow Audience at the Game Developers Expo with These Cool Custom Exhibits Banner

A cool custom exhibit design for your booth will create a buzz and attract traffic to your booth. But getting things right requires the best ideas to be executed to perfection. When it comes to the gaming niche, getting noticed is all-important for your marketing strategy.  A few tweaks to your booth appearance could be the difference that makes you a star amongst thousands of other exhibitors.

With the upcoming game developers’ expo in Moscone Center, you want to be at your best by having the coolest booth design to wow your audience.

Create an inviting space

There will be thousands of attendees at the developers’ expo and most will be exhausted or looking for a place to cool off the steam. A good idea to capture attendees would be to have an inviting space that entices them to sit or enter the booth. An open digital lounge space such as the one below is cool enough and interactive due to the screens on the wall.

Have interactive touchscreens

In a world that is accustomed to interactive digital devices, a perfect idea would be to fill this need. Have giant touchscreens at various high and midpoint levels in the booth where attendees can access them easily. This will keep them engaged as they scroll through your product info and are likely to stay for longer periods.

Use bright signage

Exhibitors are competing for one thing: attention. Using bright, digital signage is the new way of commanding attention on the trade show floor. Since our psyche is hardwired to respond to bright colors and images, your booth display design should tap into this. A creative way to achieve this would include having large scale LCD display monitors extending the height and length of your booth wall. This makes it easy to notice even from a far distance. Attendees will certainly want to check out what’s happening and that way you can capture a good amount of traffic.   

Have custom consultation spaces

Building a strong relationship with your clients is what will ultimately win you a fortune. In the trade show set up, you can achieve this by designating certain spaces for consultation purposes. This will go a long way in turning your prospects into actual buyers. Your booth design can be constructed in a way similar to this.
This not only gives you the opportunity to attend to each client’s need on the spot but also adds the timeless human touch which is lacking in many others. The design of the booth allows multiple consultations at the same time while giving each customer a sense of privacy.

Be futuristic

Having a futuristic theme will win the hearts of many people especially the young generation allured by science fiction and animation. A futuristic theme will make your booth to pop out and create a unique touch from the rest. Coupled with contrasting colors, it becomes very noticeable and hard to ignore.

This booth incorporates various elements that enhance a futuristic theme. The white vertical pillars represent the brand colors while simultaneously creating a structure that mimics a time in the future. The brand name is also noticeable enough from every direction and prominently stands out from other booth elements.

Use lighting creatively

For your custom trade show displays, you can use an illuminating floor surface to draw the attention of participants. The creative use of lighting creates an atmospheric ambiance of delightfulness that is welcoming to the audience. There are many creative ways to use lighting effect to your advantage. Lighting proves to be indispensable when highlighting your brand name, logo or message. You can use light to add life to your tabletop, stand designs and pop up displays. When properly applied, lighting can make your booth a buzz and top destination for trade show audience.

The lighting here compliments the overall appearance of the booth to achieve a bright and cool atmosphere. Think about the color of the clouds (white) and the matching bright white light.

In coming up with a killer design for your custom trade show displays, you might want to look for custom exhibit displays that represent you as a brand and attractive enough to command the attention of passersby. If you are stuck in the process, you can seek the help of a professional with years of experience in the industry.

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