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Trade Shows are a fantastic opportunity to make your products and services visible to your target customers. As a 21st century business, it is imperative for you to make an impact with your trade show exhibits. Simply putting up a booth is unlikely to set you apart from the many other competitors who will vie for the same slice of business from the audiences that you seek. Hence, your trade show exhibit design must be completely customized to resonate with your brand identity and capabilities.

Customized Trade Show

Designing custom trade show exhibits offers a variety of benefits  including the following:


Fully customized trade show exhibits can be made completely transportable according to your preferences. As an expert trade show booth manufacturer, Blazer Exhibits will understand your requirements and provide you with solutions matching them. Custom crates and display case packaging for even the most sensitive equipment can be built to specification.


When using custom trade show exhibits, you have the freedom to incorporate your brand elements in a way that truly represents your brand positioning. Custom trade show booths depict signage, décor, layout, display furniture, equipment, and lighting, etc. in the way you have imagined your brand at the show – so you do not need to compromise on quality or design.

This is where the expertise of working with highly experienced trade show exhibit manufacturers like Blazer Exhibits can prove invaluable. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the business world, and it is this experience that enables us to offer the best of services; whether it be offering you booth ideas, custom exhibit designs for an upcoming trade show, graphics, planning, or any final production tasks.

At the outset, our trade show experts meet you to understand your business, brand positioning, and objectives for your upcoming trade show. For us, your goals, requirements, and concerns are paramount. We also help you extract a better ROI from your trade show exhibits by offering you tips and valuable advice that can further enhance show traffic in your booth space.

We not only specialize in creating completely customized and portable exhibits for trade shows, we also offer a wide range of options that provide you with the opulence of a customized trade show booth at a budget-friendly option. Two of the most cost-effective and specialized solutions that we offer are:

• Renting Trade Show Exhibits

We provide you the option of renting a modular trade show booth which can be customized and furnished according to your requirements.

Used Trade Show Exhibits

There are times when budgetary considerations might not leave scope for a brand-new trade show exhibit, but opting out of the trade show might also be detrimental to your business. When this happens, you can opt for a used trade show booth from our expansive set of offerings. This is also an environmentally friendly option as you are using recycled materials which might earn you accolades from your clients and media. What is great about this option is that Blazer Exhibits can still offer some customization so you can still make it your own. 

Blazer Exhibits is the one-stop-shop for trade show exhibits in any industry. To know more about how we can elevate the outcome of your participation in exhibitions and trade shows, take a look at the following link:

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