6 Of The Worst Fonts

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There are so many different fonts to choose from, it’s really tough to select the right one. But in the design world, picking the wrong font can result in an ugly sign that’s hard to read. The best way to avoid picking a really bad font is to work with a professional design team when developing your trade show booths, but we don’t want you to use bad font on any of your other marketing materials either.

Just in case you’re wondering what font not to use, here are some of the absolute worst.

1. Comic Sans: it looks fun, it looks whimsical, but it’s really not a good font to use in the business world. Why? When you think about Comic Sans, think about an invitation to a child’s party or some other comic-like event – not for helping your marketing materials or trade show booths.

2. Arial: Arial was once the default font to use because it is safe. Arial is a straightforward font that looks really clean and sharp (both of which can be positive things), but it’s also rather boring. If you are going to print out text documents, Arial is still a good font – it’s not so good for signs or for anything that you want to stand out.

3. Papyrus: This font is just bizarre – unless you are going for that Ancient Egypt look (and even then, we can recommend many other fonts that are far better!). Papyrus is hard to read, it’s slightly childish, and it’s just not the font that you want to pick if you’re trying to present a serious front (or even if you’re just trying to get people to read what you wrote – this font is hard to decipher!).

4. Gothic fonts: There are a few of these out there, so we won’t be too specific here, but Gothic fonts are still really hard to read. If you want to go for that old-world typewriter look, there are much better fonts to choose from, trust us.

5. Courier: This is another font that somewhat resembles typesetting of old, but Courier is also a foolproof font. In other words, Courier is on the boring side, and it’s not the font to select if you want something fresh and new.

6. Vivaldi: this font can be used quite successfully if you run a wedding planning company or are printing anything that’s on the romantic side. Would we use this font as part of a design for trade show booths? Probably not; because Vivaldi doesn’t exactly send that serious business message.

How to Choose the Right Font

All fonts have a small history. The people that originally created each font derived the lines that you see on your screen from somewhere – whether that place was an old printing house or the Victorian Era, fonts are developed with certain themes in mind. Pick the font that best relates to the image that you are trying to project, and skip anything that’s really hard to read (too many curly letters or other bizarre scrolls can be tough to read).

When it comes to the font that will be used on your company’s display booths, we highly recommend leaving this decision up to a team of professionals. Otherwise, you could wind up with signs that just look out of place. If you are seeking signs for display booths, contact Blazer Exhibits today. We’ll make sure that your exhibit booth stands out for all the right reasons – and for none of the wrong ones!

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