7 Tips On Booth Design

7 Tips On Booth Design Banner

Design is everything, in any industry. But in the trade show industry, it becomes important to a higher degree. Your booth is like a well-placed advertisement in a sea of other advertisements. Sure, you can invest in a billboard or a magazine advertisement, but that’s different. Although there might be other billboards around for drivers to see, they are probably for various products and services. There might be one or two from competitors, or there might not be a competitor in sight.


Booth Design
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At the trade show, however, things are much different. You are a ship in a sea of competitors’ ships. What’s more, you are all crammed into the exhibit trade show floor, where attendees are tasked with making their way from booth to booth. What if they miss yours? They won’t as long as you design your booth to stand out without looking garish.


It’s All About Design


You can search online for terms related to design such as balance, harmony, and unity, learning all you can about them, but you just might not be able to apply those design principles on your own. Some people just don’t have that creative side capable of making the perfectly pleasing display.


Are you thinking of designing your trade show booth all on your own? It is a daunting task, one that you do not want to get wrong. Otherwise, you’ve wasted not only the money you spent on the booth, but also the money you wasted on setting up your booth at the trade show. The goal is to make money back by attracting new customers and making sales. If your booth isn’t being noticed or is noticed because of its poor design (an unfortunate situation, for sure), you’re not going to accomplish this goal. Here are some tips on what to consider when designing your booth.


Budget. This is an obvious consideration, but it stands to be mentioned. It is critical you set up a budget prior to making any decisions. Once you’ve set a limit, honor it. This means that there will be many ideas that don’t come to fruition, but that’s okay. You can work to find a creative solution that works in a similar fashion.


Marketing strategies. Whatever you end up with the design of your booth, you’ll want to ensure it all coincides with your business’ marketing strategy. Most times, companies simply carry over their traditional marketing strategy and translate it into their booth design. This keeps a cohesive feel to your brand. What’s more, if it’s something you’ve been heavily advertising, attendees will recognize your booth right away. In keeping with this concept, most companies choose only a couple of products to highlight. This keeps the booth from appearing overwhelming and cluttered, two definite visitor deterrents!


Keep it professional. Everything about your booth, including all marketing and promotional materials contained within, should appear completely professional.


Clear message. This becomes difficult for some people. It can be overwhelming to narrow your message down to a short, sweet, yet exciting one. You need to engage people in on the busy trade show floor, already distracted by the sights and sounds of the show, and attract them to see what you have to offer. It’s even tougher to attract attention in this environment than setting up a booth in the middle of the local shopping mall! At the trade show, everyone has their list of must-see booths and activities. In the time in between, especially at the really big shows, they will need to choose which booths deserve their attention since they know they can’t see them all. Providing a clear, concise, on point message with the design of your booth becomes critical. No boring booths allowed! Give them a good reason to stop by and talk to you without even saying a word – a good booth design can do that for you!


Space you have to work with. Something that seems glaringly obvious to those who are veteran exhibitors is keeping the space you have to set up your booth in mind. This involves a bit of research on your part. Look at the space that’s offered to exhibitors at some of the shows you plan to set up your booth at. This will give you some idea as to what size you should be looking for. Furthermore, you need to look at the areas of your booth in relation to the aisles when you are determining the different areas within your booth. Always keep the flow of traffic at the forefront of your mind.


Of course, there is one consideration I did not list, one very easy way to ensure your booth design is an attention grabber – choose Blazer Exhibits to plan each and every aspect of your exhibit booth. Our expert staff will come up with a killer design, guaranteed to turn heads and get sales and leads for your company!

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